12 thoughts on “American Idol Walk of Shame”

  1. it is 7:46 my time (ca.). where are you?
    have you seen it already?
    it is 14 minuets until a.i. starts.
    i’m rooting for david cook!
    i’m counting the minuets till a.i starts (12 more).
    AND did you? did you just give it away??
    were you wrong (yeah i read your previous post)?
    can i breath easy, even after simon, paula, and randy said d.a. has it!
    8 more minuets…

  2. I DVRd it so I could skip the countless commercials.

    Good news: that worked.
    Bad news: the recording cut off JUST AS they were reading the winner’s name!

    I kicked the sofa, grimmaced at my baby and had to log on to MSNBC to find out who won.

    I knew the Cookster could do it! His voice had me on ZZTop of the world. Rock on boys and girls. Rock on.

  3. I am beyond thrilled. I was so worried that he was going to lose after last night. Obviously those of us OVER the age of 30 can dial faster than the 13 year old girls!

  4. Ha! When they announced the winner last night I wondered what your comeback was going to be 🙂 I still like you though :o)

  5. It’s ok I thought Cook was gonna lose too. The person that we always want to win never does, so we were super excited!!!

  6. I…was…too!!! 🙂
    But…as time went on…my husband & I began to really like David Cook’s versatility and his willingness to go out on a limb! I still LOVE David A…he will be a star!!! Thanks for your reviews each week…they were fun!!!

  7. =) I’m sorry that you’ve had to walk the hall of shame, BUT I could not be happier that DC won. I really think America got it right.

    On another note, did you know Taylor Hicks label dropped him after two years?

  8. Aww…no walk of shame for you! David Archuletta was phenom, he will do WELL whatever he does next! Great finale!! 🙂 Hold your head high!!

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