Am I Missing Anything, God?

My blog friend, Lisa Whittle, wrote a while back about a conversation she had with God.  Wanting to make sure that she wasn’t off the path He was leading, she asked Him, “God, are we tracking”? Since reading that post of hers, I have probably asked God that a handful of times.  The most recent one was a couple of weeks ago. It was a Thursday and my spirit was down.  I started doubting what I’m doing, what I’m supposed to be doing, what I’m saying, if I’m saying the right things, if my life is making a difference, if I’m doing something out of His will.  I wasn’t depressed but I also wasn’t my normal hey, God is good and life is sweet little self either. I went to bed that night praying, begging, pleading with God to show me that we were still indeed…tracking.  I have done things in my life that I thought were “from God” only to find that they were basically about me.  The outcome isn’t pleasant and oftentimes is followed by weeks, if not months of dealing with shame.  And quite frankly, I am just not interested in that. When I went in to check my email the next morning in my neat and tidy anal-retentive inbox that does not have a single, unread item in it, thankyousokindly, I found an email from a woman.  We’ll call her Barbara. Barbara shared her heart with me and all that she’d been through.  She opened up her life to me and told me that she had felt so alone.  She told me how she wished that God would speak directly to her like He did when He chased Stacy all the way to Texas.  She just wanted to hear from God. A gal that Barbara met at the meeting that night started sharing her story and mentioned that God had ordained her steps and that they led directly to my front porch one evening this past August.  Barbara began to shake and was absolutely beside herself.  She could not believe that she was sitting with THE Stacy that she’d read about two months earlier on my blog. And boy did they have themselves a conversation.  As tears were streaming down my face at the end of the email, God spoke as directly to my heart as I’ve ever heard him.  All He said to me was, “Even if it’s only one.” It doesn’t matter if you write for thousands or only for the handful of gals you have in your Bible study.  It doesn’t matter if you speak to stadiums full of people or to the thirty-seven teenagers at your church.  It doesn’t matter if you reach a million people or ten people.  All that matters is that you reach.

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  1. Good thoughts on that. Last week Joyce Meyers was mean enough to point out that many of us don’t want a ministry…we want a platform by which to be heard. That kind of stung my ears, and gave me plenty to think about for the day.

    It’s true. Even if it’s only one, it matters. Once upon a time I was the “one.”

  2. Very good! You have to wonder at times if anybody listens, reads, hears if you make a difference to that one. I know that you make a difference to a lot of “just ones”.

    I personally think you are right on track but I am one of your bigger cheerleaders!! You help me all the time even when you tell me things I don’t want to hear. 🙂

  3. This post was encouraging to me for a number of reasons. First, I often feel “off-track” in my relationship with God, and it helps to know that other people feel that way too. I need the assurance that I am not alone in feeling a little out of it sometimes. Also, I often feel like my blogging is unnecessary simply b/c it reaches so few people. But, who cares? Even if one person reads it, even if no one reads it and it’s just for me to have an outlet, it matters. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. As I write this with tears streaming down my face, I want you to know that I’ve been struggling with this very thing lately and last night I finally turned it over to God. Thank you so much for this post. It was exactly what I needed to hear!

  5. Wow, Cindy, what an insightful post! Thanks for speaking what you and Lord have been dealing with.

    Confession time: this pastor has thought about turning the lights off in my little corner of the information highway a time or two. I wondered if people were actually reading the “good stuff” on my blog, or were they just coming because of the Linux articles. In case you’re unfamiliar with Linux, it’s a computer operating system.

    Gobs of hits on those articles, but not nearly as many on my heart’s true desire, which happens to be the sermons, Bibles, family, and other categories. Well, after some pondering, I’ve come to the conclusion, people are reading the “good stuff”, but are not commenting as often as I could hope. The point is, someone’s reading, and that’s ministry. The Apostle Paul wrote in I Cor 9:22 “To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.”

    If it takes writing about Linux to get people to read the things of God, that’s okay with me.

    Cindy, thanks for what you do, and how you have officially encouraged me today.

  6. Thanks Cindy,

    You have surely made a difference to me. I was walking down the street today asking God something similar (TODAY). I’ve mentored many women over the years…but the ones I usually think about are the ones who ended up getting angry with me and almost literally “never speaking to me again” becuase they didn’t like when I told them they were in the wrong about something. (Of course, my delivery may need work). What about all the people who have written saying that something I said or did for them made a difference? Why do we always focus on the ones who didn’t want help?


  7. and youve got some of the longest, reaching arms. you reach. you teach. you encourage. you inspire….

    more than one.

    God IS good!

  8. How beautiful. You are definitely reaching more than one, and this “one” is certainly grateful for you and how you allow God to use you.

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