Am I A Princess?

Misti asks: I have personally been going through a lot of growth with God lately and am questioning what it means to truly be a daughter of God – maybe you can share your thoughts. And why we all are told that we are to be a “princess”. What about those of us who like to ride a bike and get dirty? Great question, Misti. Let me just say that this is my opinion. I have done a little lurking around, praying, asking, and thinking about this. For what it’s worth, my two cents… Webster defines the word princess as:
  • a woman having sovereign power
  • a female member of a royal family; especially : a daughter or granddaughter of a sovereign
  • the spouse of a prince
  • one likened to a princess; especially : a woman of high rank or of high standing in her class or profession…a pop music princess
Now. In reviewing the above definitions, I don’t recall there being anything there relating to the woman’s physical appearance. Do you? Do you know to whom you belong? You, my female Christ following readers, are daughters of the King of kings. You are royalty because the Creator of the universe has adopted you as His own. And you’ve never looked more beautiful. So, I can only conclude that we women can all be princesses even if we are riding our bikes, hiking a mountain or mowing our yards. It’s not what we do. It’s who we are. And, WHOSE we are. Misti, be a princess. Even if your tiara has mud on it 🙂 Along the same lines, Michael, requested that I discuss Biblical femininity in today’s culture because he and his wife are raising three daughters. Michael, that’s three weddings. I’ve got two words for you: Start saving 🙂 Again, it’s all about knowing to WHOM you belong. Typically, when people think of the term feminine they often think of a woman who is very pretty, maybe even dainty, and dare I say it, a girly-girl. So what if that term doesn’t reflect who you are as a woman? I gotta be honest with you. I’m not that woman. Oh, I like a manicure, a day of shopping every now and again and might even enjoy a makeover at the make-up counter at the Dillards. BUT, not everyday. I work the land, can use power tools, watch sports, prefer to be outside with my boys and enjoy a plethora of other activities that probably wouldn’t be considered feminine. But I know to WHOM I belong. I am a daughter and princess of my King. So Michael, and everyone else who is a daughter or who has daughters, I hope this helps as you teach your daughters about who they are in Christ. One of them might enjoy dolls, another sports and still another, power tools 🙂

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  1. I only like to shop when I have money. I like all the girly stuff, but I’ve never been a “kept” woman. Married to a pilot, it’s amazing the “manly” things I’ve ventured to do. I bought my daughter a book called, “Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?” It’s very cute. But, knowing who you are in Him makes all the difference.

  2. thanks for the post – it was insightful – i liked the idea of being married to a prince- who i see as Jesus!! and i think the idea of mud in my tiara is great –
    it is so funny you post this because yesterday when my husband said to me that i had become “prettier” since we met – that more of God’s peace was on me and to him that was beauty… so it wasn’t what my face looked like but what my heart looked like – i almost cried… Being God’s daughter gave me opportunity to know & love my husband – i LOVE being a princess!!

  3. As you put it “tiaras”.

    My tiara doesn’t make me whom I am. It’s doesn’t define me.

    I am not one for manicures and pedicures, stilettos or even have cleanly shaven legs every day , but I am VERY MUCH a princess.

    The one whom gives me my royalty is eternal.

    Love this post.. one of my favorites, my 17 yr old daughter is getting a copy of it!!

  4. Cindy- Who thinks farting is funny, watch sports and know how to use power tools. What…you’re trying to say you’re The perfect woman?? 🙂

  5. Growing up with 2 older brothers, I assumed it was normal for girls to like wrestling, tree-climbing, bike-racing, and burping. Then I went to school and found out that I was an oddball. I hated wearing dresses, prided myself by the number of scars on my legs, and loved flexing my muscles(ok, so maybe all of this is still true today). For a long time, I thought something was wrong with me.

    Then I realized that this was just who I am. God made me uniquely Me. Whether I’m dressed up to go to a fancy wedding or tearing up the waves in Costa Rica, I’m a princess, a daughter of God.

  6. I have my moments of being a ‘girly girl’ & enjoy them when I can since I live in a house with 3 boys

  7. I wear the tiara. It does not wear me. (Ok…I kinda stole that line from a movie. But its so cool) 10 days on the back of a motorcycle coming up in less than a month. This princess cant wait to put on her leather. 🙂

  8. funny – i don’t need to TELL my daughters they are princesses – they just seem to believe they are! you know, the rule-the-house kind…unfortunately, usually there isn’t room for two rulers in the playroom.

  9. Oh, I love this breakdown! Thank you. I am definetely one those “likes to get dirty” princesses. 🙂

  10. Have taught this several times to womens groups…we really need to see our selves as God sees us and not through the eyes of the world…thus knowing that we are “princesses”, children of the King..

    Lots of posts on this at my old blog…

    Princess, overcomer?

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