All The Glory Goes To God

I’m not in the business of stealing God’s glory. Although that particular line of work is not my fancy, I have found myself, at times, bathing in the glory that belongs to the Creator of the universe. Here’s where I need your help.  I’m pretty sure that we can’t share in the glory with the Almighty. How do we as Christ followers ensure that we don’t steal God’s glory while using the gifts He has given us?   

18 thoughts on “All The Glory Goes To God”

  1. I think when we make a decision to a live a life that glorifies him, there is no fear in stealing His glory. And, I think others see that Christ is being glorified.

    There is also something that bothers me. I’m not sure if it’s false humility or what it is, but when people say, “Oh, it’s not me. It’s him” or “I haven’t done anything. It’s Him working through me.” And, then they usually end with something like, “Blessed be His name.”

    It is Him. But, WE allow God to use us through our obedience.

    Anyhoo, I’m losing my train of thought. Hope you get what I’m sayin’.

  2. Dusty — I do get what your saying. Our gifts are a unique expression of Him. If we say, “Oh it is all God, I didn’t do anything” we might as well be zombies.

    I guess you know the Glory is His if your work bears his fruit.

    Dang Cindy, I haven’t thought this hard all week!

  3. If we don’t share in the glory, Is it like we not accepting a compliment?? That is a real question that I am asking.

    Trust me it is all God and none of me. I totally know that! I am nothing without him.

  4. If you are a good public speaker, you are a good public speaker. To say otherwise is wrong. God has gifted us and we have worked hard for things. We are members of the “Body of Christ” and so if there is praise given to us it goes to Him. To try to reject it is wrong. To try to redirect it is inaccurate.

    To illustrate:
    A man gets up to speak. People applaud. “Oh no,” he says, “that was God, not me speaking.” Oh, the people realize, that was the voice of God! And so they cheer all the more.

    No, it was the voice of the man, gifted and empowered by God. To Him be the glory, sure, but the man was the tool God decided to use and the man made himself available and probably worked to get to where he was.

    In my own life, it is wrong for me to say that “I wasn’t a good swimmer.” No, I was a National level competitor and I worked hard to get there. If I was ever haughty about it, then that would be prideful, but if I said, “Oh no, I’m not,” that would be a lie.

    And so we find that, as with all sin, we can fall into it on either side of the narrow path. Sin/righteousness is defined by the intention, content, and the response of our hearts and actions.


  5. i echo luke! just be honest. God tells us to be honest in our estimation of self. (romans)

    also…i heard it said once of people who respond to a compliment with “oh no, that was all God!” the response “um – really? God wouldve done much better.”


  6. It is not me, it is Him.

    I did not create me, He did.

    I did not save myself but what Christ did upon the cross to save me. Only by His goodness, mercy, willingness and the power, might and sovereignty to do so.

    It is not my faith but the faith created by Christ, given to me and continues to be perfected by Christ.

    It is not my authority but it is only by His word alone.

    I do not love but it is the love of Christ that flows through me towards others.

    It is not mine but Thine will alone.

    When God saved me, I can say with complete confidence I was too stupid, sinful, evil, wicked, perverted, terrible, bad and weak to save myself.

    If I believe, it is only because God gave me the wisdom to know of Him, His love and the free gift that comes only Him.

    I drowning in a pit of despair and emptiness. I was dying.

    God in in His majesty and goodness and honour and sovereignty reached down and saved me.

    A wicked man.

    A pervert.

    A twisted, evil man.

    In His mercy, He did not kill me like He should have.


    God saves sinners.

    A sinner like me.

    So how can I take credit for anything good because I know in my heart that all good things come from the Father.

    Not me.


    To the glory of God alone.

  7. I think it’s by being and staying in love with Him. Think about being in love with a person. Usually we don’t try to boast…etc…we just adore them…same thing here…the gifts, the things we are good at etc…just don’t matter anymore…and I hope I am confusing this with the confidence we are to have in Christ alone.

  8. I agree with Runningmama. He gives us gifts for others. I’m just tickled pink when He uses me and that’s the “glory” that I basque in. If I didn’t use it, He’d get no glory. It is a tough situation, isn’t it. I know however that when I fail or don’t do something as great as I was hoping that it’s these times that keeps me humble so I don’t get a big head.

  9. Interesting question because it’s something I have been mulling over much too much in my own little head.

    Here’s the profound thing I am left with….

    We spend too much time ‘wondering’ if and how God is going to use us, and whether or not we are ‘using’ our gifts.

    How ’bout we just be who He created us to be? Full Stop.

    Stop wondering. Stop planning. Stop crafting ways to ‘be used’ and just be.

    Be the Mom. The Wife. The Friend. The Neighbour. The Stranger who says hello.

    Don’t be The Singer, The Poet, The Painter, The Writer.

    Stop idolizing your own gifts. They are not God. They ARE God-In-You, when submitted to Him. Seek Him First.

    Just Be You. Without a label. Without a level. Without pretense or forethought.

    Learn to be, to listen, to respond.

    Not by our own strength or power, but by His. Grace. Wisdom. Holiness.

    I’m pretty sure He said He will draw all men unto Himself….we don’t need to get in the way of that….we just need to be who, what and when He directs.

    I tell ya’ this has relieved alot of pressure for this gal with leadership and wisdom gifts….I no longer try to ‘make sure’ my gifts are being employed…it’s so much more fun to simply respond when and where He asks instead.



  10. There’s something deeply humbling about God choosing to use us. He doesn’t need us, yet He chooses to accomplish His work through yielded vessels.

    There was a situation a few months ago where God clearly “whispered” something to me. I heeded that whisper, and a couple of days later when I was confronted with an opportunity which had to do with that whisper, I acted on it, and now two people are getting married because of it.

    I did what God spoke to me to do, but I can’t take credit for the extraordinary way he answered prayers and miraculously put two people together. Yes, I did my part, just as Moses did his part when he parted the sea, or just as Noah did his part when he built the ark, but the credit and glory in all instances go all to God. I believe God honors us for our obedience to Him (and for using our gifts, talents & abilities for His purposes), but He is the mastermind and awesomeness behind every perfect plan.

    So to answer the question: How do we as Christ followers ensure that we don’t steal God’s glory while using the gifts He has given us? Keeping at the forefront of our minds that our great big God doesn’t NEED to use us or the gifts He’s given us (sometimes our flesh tries to convince us otherwise), but rather He CHOOSES and DESIRES to do so. That’s an amazingly humbling thought…puts me in my place every time.

  11. The thing that I try to never fail to do (the operative word here is “try”) is to give God the glory for every blessing, no matter how big, no matter how small that comes into my life. I owe it ALL to Him. Everything I am and ever hope to be, I owe to my Saviour. Without Him, I am NOTHING.

    I like the way you live; with the knowledge that this could be your last opportunity, so you might as well do it right. I’m going to try to do that myself. Thanks for sharing. :O)


  12. i’ve heard it said that pride can’t see itself in the mirror. so i need accountability for this; i need people who will point out to me when i’m making something all about me rather than all about HIM.

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