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Can I just say that I love me some Tuesday and Wednesday nights? Can I? The sole reason that I enjoy watching American Idol is because I feel like I’m having a dad gum talent show right in my own living room. And folks? That’s jus’ some good ole fun for me. Do you hear my language? THE GUYS… Chris and I thought that Michael Johns performance was the B-E-S-T this week. We also have our eyes on David Archuleta, Mr. Cu-TEE-pie and young enough to be my son as well as Jason Castro con los ojos azules. Yowza. Just how long did it take to do yo dreads? Those three have the star quality. When they sing, it isn’t corny or cruise shippish. Sorry Jason Yeager. While I’m proud to be your fellow Texan, I doubt you’ll last. You can “blow” fo sho but so can a million other folks. Singers come a dime a dozen. We’re lookin’ for a star here. We can’t count out David Cook, Colton Berry (aka, Ellen DeGeneres) or Robbie Carrico just yet. Not the best performances this week, but still did ah-ite, Dawg. And Danny Noriega? Bless his heart. I have to close my eyes when he sings cuz he just annoys the heck out of me. His voice is quite somethin’, though. Going home? Luke Menard and Garrett Hailey. Very thin performances. THE GALS… First and foremost, I must give a HOLLA to Alaina Whitaker. She did a FAB job tonight and is real solid. PLUS, she attends the Tulsa campus of LifeChurch.tv. How cool is that? Alexandrea Lushington, Ramiele Malubay and Carly Smithson all did a really great job tonight. But Syesha Mercado? That gurl got it goin’ on. Asia’h Epperson had a great performance and seemed to be the one having the most fun. She very well might also get the sympathy vote due to the death of her father two days before she auditioned. I’m just sayin’. And Brooke White? I just like her. Give the girl a piano. Overall? Not too impressed with these ladies. I realize many were sick and I’m fairly certain that Joanne Borgella had to be one of them. That girl can SANG but her performance tonight was PIH-CHEE. She was almost omnipresent. You know, all over the place…everywhere with those notes? Poor analogy? My bad. Going home? It’s gonna have to be Amy Davis and Kristy Lee Cook. Can you say off key and boring? I told Noah that I was going to blog about the performances tonight and mentioned that I thought that Amy Davis was not good. Noah’s reply? “What if she reads your blog?” He’s hilarious and sensitive all wrapped up in one little nearly 9-year old 🙂 Chime in everyone…disagree or agree…let’s have it.

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  1. So fun to watch last night! Had me a fussy baby, but I gagged her so I could hear. Ok, people JUST KIDDING!

    Oh, and you need to go look at our posts on Scott W’s blog. We must have been typin’ at the same time. We’re kindred spirit’s my friend. Kin-dred!

  2. We liked David Archuleta and my personal quirky fav was Jason Castro. For the girls, I liked Ramiele Malubay and Brooke White. Whoever picked the plain-jane frolicking in the meadow 60’s music should be fired immediately. First time out should be singer’s choice – then get down to ruining them.

    Overall, it wasn’t an impressive week.

  3. So, what I’m gettin’ here is I’m going to have to commit to some serious TV time w/ AI to be able to connect with some of your posts each week… I may have to fake it. The only one I saw was “My momma told me…” He wasn’t too bad – don’t even know who it was…

  4. Guys: We really like David Archuleta, David Cook (he’s from my neck o’ the woods), and Jason Castro (he’s so pretty!).

    Girls: Brooke White (dd likes that she’s never seen an R-rated movie), Ramiele, Asia’h, and Syesha.

    I was watching while treadmilling at the gym on Tuesday night, and I wondered if people thought I was cringing in pain because of the exercise. No, it was just that boy’s voice. Yikes.

    Amy Whoever—no way.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks Carly has a striking resemblance to Chris’ sister, Jen? I just don’t understand what everyone sees in David. Yeah, cute kid, ok voice, but he’s not that great. Maybe Simon’s infatuation is simply marketability. A studio can do a lot to fix someone’s voice (ahem, Cher). – raf ;^P

  6. Steve doesn’t even like American Idol, but has been watching it with me because there hasn’t been anything else on telvision. I think he enjoyed it tonight, not the singing, but he kept pausing just to see what you said in your blog about the singers. 🙂

  7. Well, I don’t have tv, which means I watch my shows on the internet a day late….and I’ve been too wrapped up in Dance War and America’s best Dance Crew to check AI this season… I’m just saying DANCE is back….

    so if you wanna chat Dance winners let me know. BUT I do love that you are doing a little AI review. I’m likin it.

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