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Before I begin the American Idol recap, I need to let you know that I had to take my MacBook to the Apple Hospital today. Sad day. I won’t have it with me for the next five to seven days. Woe is me. If my biggest complaint is that, then I’ve got it pretty good. All that to say, I’m using Chris’…dare I say it…PC. Oh, it’s a fine computer, but it’s no Mac. I mean no ugliness to my friends who are PC users and even lovers, but I am a Mac gal. Because I’m used to certain things about a Mac, my post will be a little less lengthy. Once you get a Mac, you never go back. Ha. I’m a poet. Didn’t know it. My feet show it. They’re Longfellows. Well, actually, for my height, they aren’t that big. Size 8.5 or 9, depending on the brand. You gals know how brands go. You think you’re an 8.5 and then you go to Payless, where the shoes run small, and BAM! You have to get the 9. I’m just sayin’. My apologies for the rabbit chasing. We can be on a first name basis with the AI contestants from this point on, don’t you think? David A. – VERY, VERY NICE! I loved Mariah’s comment: “If you want to go up in your falsetto, I won’t be mad at you.” She was just daring that child to do it. And the boy did and did it nicely. Carly – The woman is growing on me. I liked tonight’s performance. Didn’t love it, but liked it. Now, I wasn’t in the auditorium or anything, but I didn’t agree with the judges at all. I was incredibly impressed with her ability to stay on pitch in her lower register. Syesha – Loved her dress. I am pretty sure I could not fill it out like her. She was a very smart girl tonight by choosing a song that wasn’t very familiar to the audience. I mean, I’d never heard it. I bet she did it so that they wouldn’t compare her. She can blow, as Randy would say. Brooke – Sweet girl. I think this was her worst performance, but I do agree with Simon. It was the best choice for her. She really changed the tempo of the song and kept speeding up. Poor thang. Still like me some Brooke White, though. Kristy Lee – I think we can all agree that Kristy doesn’t have as much of the star factor as the others, but for her? This performance was good for her. I liked it and thought that she could do that version on her upcoming country music CD. I think she’ll do real well in country music because she can sing and well, there are many in that genre who just, well, can’t. Did I say that outloud? David C. – I didn’t know the song from Adam. But let me tell you that I am a BIG fan of this guy. I mean, he is uh-MAY-zing. The boy can arrange like nobody’s business. I’m impressed. Jason – I thought it was a nice arrangement that suited his voice. He did what he knew to do. I’d have been at that luau enjoying myself quite nicely 🙂 Best Performance of the Night? By far, David Cook. Going home? I figure it will be Syesha. I’m getting off this PC for now. I’m not used to scrolling down the page with the button in the middle by the G and the H. I need me a double-finger scroll option on the Mac pad. I mean no disrespect, PC users. None at all. Can you feel the love? Gone.

7 thoughts on “AI – Lucky Seven”

  1. OK Lady I am a PC user that is thinking about a laptop and considering a mac.

    I am in CA so I haven’t gotten to see the last two boys yet but so far as always you are dead on.

    Hail to the AI Guru’s!!! Thanks for the laugh!! Needed it tonight!

  2. Poor Brooke, she really struggled on this one, bless her heart. We’re getting to the point of the show where you just can’t have a night like that. And I think if you were at all familiar with the origianal version of “Always Be My Baby”, you would be even more impressed with David C’s arrangement. It was an amazing transformation.

    I loved your review. It was spot on. I also enjoy Mariah’s comment to David A. Very Cute.

  3. Barrett and I had as much as an in-depth conversation about the show as we could last night after watching. Sayesha really has the least amount to offer in just being a run of the mill “pop” star. Everyone else kind of has their own thing going and there isn’t anything that sets her apart, but Brooke’s performance was painful to watch, I thought she was going to pass out during the end of the song…too weird. Also thought Carly sang well, but could tell she was really focused on not making her “mean” face. David Cook is going to make them some $$.

  4. Liked your review – I agree with just about all of it. I think David C. is the most versatile and daring, and he has the vocals to back it up. I think he’ll be the winner…

  5. Well finally Kristy Lee Cook is gone….the one time I dont watch the one person I wanted to go home went home!!!
    As much as I love David Cook I dont want him to win so he can go out on his own like Chris Daughtry did…cause his concert was AWESOME!!! That is right I went to see Daughtry in concert! He was amazing!

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