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Did y’all know that Ryan Seacrest is 33 years old? I Wikipediaed him. That is my new word. I will use it in future posts. I gare-rone-tee it. David C. Hungry Like The Wolf – The boy was born in 1982. I began my “womanhood” that year. Did I say that out loud? Back to DC…He’s doing fine but his do-do’s don’t sound as good as Simon LeBon’s did. He seems to have some pitch problems, but he’s still a’ight. He really just didn’t seem into it. Wha…? Bobilo Riley? AnyWHO…pun intended. I am not so familiar with this song but I like the way he sounds on it. Resident Rocker Dude – Randy’s words. Side Chasing Rabbit Time: Did Paula just say what I think she said? She’s got a huge appetite after his song? Ahem. I’m blushing for her. The girl has got to start thinking about the news headlines and what they’ll say about her. SyeshaProud Mary – She has nice legs. I think she’s doing pretty good on this song. I like the risks she’s taking as the weeks go on. I mean, she’s no Tina Turner, but at least she’s goin’ for it. And let’s just face it…the gurrrrrl can sang. A Change Is Gonna Come – What a dress. She’s gorgeous. Wow. She has really come along, folks. Got me some chill bumps, y’all. Woo. What a note at the end. Very nice. Ahh, sweet girl is crying. I need to give her a hug. JasonI Shot The Sheriff – Ooooo, he’s got a Jamaica, “hey mon” vibe goin’ on. I don’t think this is anything magnificent but he’s showing a little more facial expression now. That’s all I can give him on this song. Mr. Tambourine Man – Oh bless the Lord, the boy lost his lyrics. He seems so checked out of this competition, don’t you think? He’s ready to head back to Rockwall, Texas, which I know happens to be a loverly place this time of year. Side Chasing Rabbit Time #2: Simon overreacted. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t like a “first round audition” my any means. I’m just sayin’. David A.Stand By Me – Did y’all know I can do a great imitation of him? I’m pretty good. Okay, so he’s good. You can tell the boy has a great ear by the way he changes the melody and hits an alternate note in the chord. I really like his ability to do some creative things with his voice. The girls sure do like him. And I know Randy Jackson is a big fan, but saying that David does amazing every time he hits the stage? Uh, I dunno. He’s great, but every time? Love Me Tender – Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. I like this one. Very simple yet VERY fancy all rolled into one. He don’t play, y’all. He’s ready to get to the finale. Think he just might make it. Okay, Randy’s right. He’s uh-MAY-zing. Best of the Night: I’m gonna have to give it to David Archuleta. Going Home: Jason. It has to be Jason. See you on the back nine.

16 thoughts on “AI – Four Schmore”

  1. So agree with you! Love me some David A. I love Jason, too, but his time is up. Syesha almost made me tear up. 🙂
    Love you rabbit trails!

  2. Now we all want to see your imitation of David A!!!!!!

    We enjoyed Syesha tonight…like David C overall….

    Enjoyed your fun review!

    Blessings, Jeannie

  3. Triple dog dare you to reveal your David A impression!

    And I like how you can pick up on the actual vocal talents (i.e. what you said about David A. hitting alternate notes, etc…), ’cause I can’t tell worth anything, so it’s nice to see someone give even more specific/BETTER vocal critiques than even the judges! 🙂

  4. Would love to see your impersonation….Great review and I am sure that Jason has checked out and wants to go home…why else would anyone completely blow BOTH songs…I love him, but definately think he was somewhere else tonight!

  5. I think you got about 3 months to get the impression perfected. Cause when I get there I am gonna beg to see it. Maybe Natalie can film it for all your other fans. Once again you and the Mr. are dead on.

  6. Yup. I think you are right on. My husband has been wanting Jason to go home for weeks, but thinks Syesha will be voted off next…He says because more girls vote than guys. Maybe so, but I’m still saying Jason is headed back to TX…pretty blue eyes and all. Syesha was GREAT tonight. Very pretty girl with an amazing voice. I would really like to see her win. BUT it will be a David vs. David finale.

  7. I love Jason. I hate that he forgot the lyrics but he is too cute…so I voted lots of times for him! I do love how laid back he is and doesn’t seem to get all stressed out when they say things like “pack your suitcase”. I could use some of that “chilled out” attitude in my own life. Probably why he is one of my favorites. I don’t want him to win since I think he will play better to a smaller audience so I am going with David Cook. But I do like looking at that sweet Jason!!!

  8. I love Cook! And i still can’t believe they sent Carly home.

    It’s more a “let’s keep the real cute ones in” contest.

    But I haven’t missed a season yet!!

    Paula makes me nervous.

    real nervous.

    she’s not right.

    Jason’s going home.

  9. Does anyone think Jason has facial expressions like JOhn Travolta? He just reminds me of him… not in the “Grease is the word” kind of way.

  10. Yeah, I think Jason might be going home. It makes me sad. I just like his style.
    And you can imitate David A.?!?!? Now, a video of that would be blog-worthy.

  11. I do think that Jason should go home…and i hope he does. But what if, WHAT IF…David Archuletta goes home? Vote for the worst.com is voting for Jason, Sayesha cried so she’ll get sympathy votes, and everyone loves David A. but people assume everyone else is voting for him so they don’t need to. And David Cooked stunk last night. It could be a big upset? Possibly? Just a thought.

  12. has anyone ever noticed how much jason looks like a young john travolta????
    i’m just sayin’…. 🙂
    sad that he won’t win cuz he has a calming effect about him but i guess it is about the best singer….

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