AI – Five To Go

Judges: Liked the necklace Randy was wearing. Might try to make myself one. Paula looked pretty. Loved Simon’s shirt. So original. Chasing Rabbit #1: Chris Beall lu-huvs Neil Diamond. He secretly wants to wear the sequined shirts like the old idol man. And those eyebrows? Yep. Chris is definitely jealous. He did just say, “Whoever sings America, will be going home. Mark my words.” Jason: Forever in Blue Jeans – Love some acoustic guitar. Y’all, he just looks cool with that Breedlove. Yes, I’m fancy by naming the guitar brand. (Actualmente, the hubby can name a guitar a mile away. He told me what it was.) He did nice on the song. Nothing remarkable, but that’s not Jason. Jason’s like comfort food. It’s just nice. And comforting. September Morn – Quit it with the crowd waving the hands. You know what? I think the judges were pretty harsh. I mean, he sang the song the way he sings songs. That’s just him. I don’t know. David C: I‘m Alive – Little David Cook gave Mr. Diamond some goose bumps. That has to be the ultimate compliment, right? He’s so very cool. Look at him with that ‘lectric GIH-tar. LOVE it. He’s simply a star. What else needs to be said? All I Really Need Is You – Acoustic guitar now?! Holy cow. Did you see him smile at that someone? I bet she’s on cloud nueve. Okay, this boy is uh-MAY-zing. I know I say it every week, but he is. He is BY FAR the best in the competition whether or not he takes home the coveted AI title. And somebody hit a wrong note towards the end of the song! And it was somebody in the band, not him. Holy smokes. Randy Minor may need to have a talkin’ to that someone. May be a job opening on AI. Brooke: I’m A Believer – Chris Beall heard two notes and left the room. Huh? Anyway, she was pretty pitchy through the song. Kinda want to get me some of those pants she had on. Cuh-yute. But, I’m sure I can’t pull them off. The song didn’t do much for me, but I do like how talented she is. She’s got a great ear…playing guitar and piano without reading a lick of music? Now, that’s a gift. 2nd song – I love her on the pih-naner. She’s got a wonderful countenance and smile. I thought she did a very nice job on this. Very nice. David A: Sweet Caroline – Doing a good job. Uh oh, here’s the big note! SWEET CAROLINE, uh, uh, uh. Love the trumpets and trombones. What I like about David is his runs. Not on the track but on the stage. He doesn’t seem to overdo them or use them out of place like some people do. America – I’m not a big fan of the song, but he sang it well. And I think this little guy is really talented but he’s just young. I can’t imagine him in ten years. Wow. (Wonder if Chris’ prediction will come true?) Syesha: Hello, Again – Little nervous about her singing Neil Diamond. Here we go. I like her hair. What did she do? I bet it took since 6 am to straighten that do. Wow, I really like her take on the song. I think it’s great to hear her when she does her own arrangement of songs. We have nothing to compare her to, now do we? No ma’am. No Whitney, no Mariah. She’s just Syesha tonight and me? Me likes her. Thank the Lord for the Nighttime – She’s a little pitchy but the girl is having fun. She’s really a pretty good performer. And after last week’s performance, I bet she’s gonna get herself a spot on that Broadway place. Frankly, I think that’s what she cares about. I think this is a T-riffic performance. Adorable. That’s it. Chasing Rabbit #2: Paula got a lih-tel confused giving Jason comments on both of his songs when he’s only sung one. How funny was that? Who’s gone? Jason or Syesha. I think it should be Jason because Syesha did really nice. The girl can sang, y’all, even though she probably won’t win. Best of the night? Need you ask? Two words. David Cook. And that’s all I got tonight. Love you all so big.

11 thoughts on “AI – Five To Go”

  1. You are funny to me, Cindy! Cloud Nueve. heehee

    I’m thinking Jason may be going home, too. Syesha needs to stay, though. I thought she had on a wig at first…then it occurred to me that they’d have a hard time getting one on her head. We thought she was pretty tonight…

    Blessings, Jeannie

  2. Glad I hopped over here from BooMama. You’re pretty darn funny!

    I have to disagree with Chris Beall, little Archuletta won’t go home. Too many tweens firing up the txting lines!

    Cook, Cook, he’s our man…..

  3. You should totally get a judges seat! Remember when they did the guest judge each week? Yes, I do believe you are right on all counts…We LOVE being entertained by our David Cook. He had me at Billie Jean. 🙂 I am sad because I do think I can see his ego growing week by week, and I can see him following the stereotypical life of a rockstar, but I love him because Jesus loves him. ;0) I think he’s the next American Idol.

    I think Jason will go home…he just doesn’t seem to care that much anymore.

    Syesha, I think she really needs to impress us…I agree with the comment above, I WANT to love her…I think I could if she would do something unique.

    About Miss Brooke…don’t tell my daughters I said this, but she needs to get her stuff together quick. Im not sure that she isnt ready to go home and hang out with her hubby. 🙂

  4. The most entertaining part of the evening was watching Paula try to muddle through her comments…when my 11 year old makes a statement about her “glassy eyes”, well you know where this is going. She called Sayesha “Brooke” at the beginning of her comments as well as the whole 2 fer 1 comments with Jason…just classic Paula.

    The King crew thinks it’s time for Mr. Castro to come home to Texas.

  5. I’m am so with you on the crowd hand waving. Stop it already! And Jason IS like comfort food. 🙂
    Good observations. Can’t wait for the results tonight!

  6. I didn’t get to watch last night (was visiting a friend whose son had died) and thought I would be home by 8:00 so the DVR didn’t get set. I’ll be interested to see the results based on all the blogger reviews.

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