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Michael Johns – The boy wore another scarf. I loved last week’s look but this scarf? Hmmm. Jury is still out. All that to say, he did great! I think the boy has found his niche. Chasing rabbit time: Okay, I know y’all are all thinkin’ it. Paula’s dress? Albeit lover-ly, but a wee bit on the small side, yes? That’s it. Syesha Mercado – All y’all know that I’ve been a fan of hers from the git-go. However, I think she’s tryin’ to impress everyone by singing these powerhouse songs. She is a great singer, and can really imitate others but I’d like to hear what she does. But, I still enjoy her voice a lot. She don’t need to go impressin’ me. Jason Castro – Again, I will be buyin’ that boy’s CD for my Nano. He knows exactly what he sings well and he sings it well. So soothing…like sittin’ on your back porch sippin’ some sweet tea, with Splenda of course, kind of soothing. Me likes that boy even though he’s an Aggie. Kristy Lee Cook – Wow. I do believe, in my humble opinion, that this was her best performance. Chris and I absolutely enjoyed it. We all know she’s struggled in this competition and choosing this song was perfect for her. We really believed her. Might even buy her country CD one day 🙂 Chasing rabbit time #2: Why are so many of the contestants arguing with the judges? Aren’t the judges supposed to be the experts here? I’m just sayin’. David Cook – We were not fans of the choir on this song. And the song wasn’t our favorite either. But, when I watch that boy sing, he’s just got the star quality. He is so comfortable and will be on many stages in the near future. Carly Smithson – PRIH-tee sure I could not pull off her outfit. That gold belt? Well, y’all know EXACTLY what part of my body it would hit. Chris says she just looks mean when she sings. I kinda feel that way, too. And, if I’m being honest, I’m a little afraid of her. Tis true. She’s a pretty girl. And she can sing. But tonight’s performance was just blah. David Archuleta – Eh. Okay. The boy can obviously sing. His ability to hear things that no one else can hear and then deliver those things is pretty amazing. Chris calls him a melodic visionary. Hmmm. Let’s ponder that for a moment, shall we? Little David will sing some great ballads one day. For us, it was a good performance but not like it was when he sang Imagine. Brooke White – She’s a sweet girl. And I like her. The thing I like about Brooke is that she chooses songs that she knows she can sing well. She and Jason are very similar creatures. I will enjoy her music in the NEAR future because her voice range is my voice range and y’all know I’m gonna sing like the dickens when I’m in my car. And my kitchen. And my shower. And my bathtub. Cuz I do that. Who’ll go? Syesha possibly? And, dare I say it, maybe Carly? Depends on the votes, people. Best performance? Surprisingly, I liked Kristy Lee’s the best. The only one that gave me chills. Chasing rabbit time #3: Chris said that if he were on AI he would have chosen Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love Of All. In fact, the kind gentleman actually sang his own rendition right here in our living room just a few seconds ago. 50″ TV to watch AI: $1,200 Yearly Tivo service that allows us to skip the commercials: $120 Chris singing The Greatest Love of All in his falsetto: Priceless.

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  1. Hi…We will also buy Brooke and Jason Castro’s cd’s and are enjoying their singles on itunes, as well. I didn’t feel the same about KristyLee as you…I think it’s bc I’m a huge Martina fan and that song is her most recent hit. I kinda cringed. I do agree that it was her personal best.

    Blessings, Jeannie

  2. OKAY…so right after Idol I just knew I needed to read your blog just to check out your faves.
    I did not get to see Christy Lee Cook’s performance but did catch the preview at the end. I liked it but I hope she doesn’t stay. I don’t know about this chick. She was not good all along but then decides to blow them away. Maybe it was her gameplan.
    I do think that it will be Carly or Christy being voted off.
    I like the rest of America will buy Jason’s and Brook’s cds. I think we are just in love with the pure good wholesome personalities.
    That Johns guy…need to lose the scarf. Maybe he has some sort of neck problem.
    I was impressed as well with Syesha. Then there is David…you just got to love that cutie.
    Then last but not least, David Cook…he has that star quality. Wonderful stage presence!

  3. Just say NO to the quad boob! Paula…you are skinny…you dont need a corset! I am tired of Carly singing these DEEP Diva ballads…she is in trouble! I thought Christy did great on the high notes… shakey on the low…BUT IT WAS the best for her. I dont have one favorite this year…I’m kind of at a loss as to who will win! I watch the Biggest Loser (fav show) and Tivo AI. TIVO rocks!

  4. okay, i know everyone loves david archuletta, and i like him too, for his wholesomeness and humility, but i have to say he is a little too, i don’t know, barry manilow? however, his voice is AMAZING and i think he is a force to be reckoned with. he just bores me a little…. am i talkin’ crazy?
    you can tell me… 🙂
    brookie didn’t do so hot this week, although i love that song. she seems a little shaky to me, maybe she just gets so emotional when she sings that it shakes up her voice a bit. i think that may be it. i really like her for her sincerity. i have to say, david cook is wearing on me a bit and i’m starting to agree with simon (gasp!) on him being a little bit pompous…did i just say that? 🙂

  5. Let’s see.

    Even though Paula’s dress was too tight, at least she didn’t look like she pulled something from six different decades and wear them all at the same time.

    Next, I wasn’t feeling anyone really last night. They all just made me go, “It was ok. NEXT!” At which point I promptly fast forwarded.

    I think Syesha or Carly may go. I just don’t think Carly endears herself to anyone even if she is a great singer.

  6. Loved your review! Paula’s dress, hello! In fact you could hardly see the dress, all you saw was what it produced. no, no, no. all wrong.

    I was surprised at how well I like Kristy’s too. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but she did really well with Martina’s song.

  7. Ok, so right after I watched the show I came to your blog to see if you had posted yet.
    First of all, “Inspirational Songs” set up an expectation for me for those songs that were just amazing every time you heard them. I didn’t feel like anyone really chose a power-packed song (although Kristy Lee and David Castro were better efforts than the rest). I can listen to my hubby sing week after week and he really inspires with the way that he sings, so I guess it is more than song choice and singing well, it’s having the connection to really convey that you believe the words of the song.

    And by the way, I love Brooke White, but I’d love to hear YOU sing the JT version, talk about goose bumps!! Man I miss you guys singing in the living room!

  8. Cindy, it took me a minute to realize that you are talking about American Idol. I’ve been struggling with this for some time now. Do I HAVE to watch this show if I want to relate to you and your reality?
    I just don’t get AI. Then again, I’m a guy. Do a lot of guys get AI? Alien guys, I mean. I dunno, I’m still trying to suppress the need to know what the phrase “quad boob” refers to…And I’ll finish my non sequitur comments with this; when is the TIVO ability to skip through the commercials valueless? When your(and by that I mean my) grandchild complains because she LIKES watching commercials. (grin)

  9. Oh dear Jimmy. I only blog about AI one day a week. AND in just a few short weeks, I won’t be blogging about it at all since it’ll be over. I’m a singer. Been “sangin” all my life so I love all the music on AI. I don’t follow the drama and reality part. But there is something about music that gets to me.

    Does that help? (grin)

  10. Cindy,

    Danae turned me on to your blog and it is everything I expected…very witty, of course you and Chris always get an extra star in my book being Longhorns and all!

    Jimmy boy, lose the inhibitions a little and just take AI for what it is…quirky American entertainment. I held out for the first four seasons, but now I am hooked!

    We DVR/TIVO AI and always watch it all back-to-back..actually good family bonding time, interesting the input my kiddos have into the show. Um, didn’t notice Paula’s dress at all (insert face with blushed cheeks)…the first camera angle I saw made me wonder if she was wearing a top at all. Why is Brooke so sad lately..agree with Chris about Carly, poor girl looks like she has had a hard life…not as hard as Amanda, but definitely not a happy one. Jason was very good, love the ukelele. I do like him, even though I expect him to pull out a banjo at some point, hailing from College Station and all. David Cook with be this year’s Chris Daughtery…the most commercially viable musician in this group. Sayesha brought everything she had along with Kristy Lee Cook, who never had a chance to be anything but a country singer with that name. David A. needs to sing a Josh Grobin song at some point…thinking Brooke and Carly are in the bottom two.

  11. Steve, I’ve never had anyone on one of these blogs have the nerve to call me “inhibited” before. At least, not successfully, not until now (grin). But I’d druther not in the case of AI. Some things can make even the paravane shudder.

  12. Can I just say how much I love reading your blog!! You make me laugh everyday. I love your commintary on AI!!

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