AI – And Then There Were 9

A week with Dolly… Brooke White – Man, I could listen to that girl every single day and twice on Sunday. She knows what she can sing and she does it. I know she’s not a Whitney or Celine powerhouse type of gal, but the girl can sing, play GIH-tar and the pinaner. Adorable, in my little opinion. David Cook – I didn’t know the song he sang but I really liked it. When he went up into his falsetto voice (that’s the high notes for you non-music folk), it sounded really nice. He is impressive. If he doesn’t win the contest, it isn’t for lack of talent. He’s probably already got a record deal waitin’ for him. (Did I just date myself by saying record?) Ramiele Malubay – Why does this child choose to dress the way she does every week? I know, I know, I’m old and it’s probably very stylish. I just don’t think it’s very complimentary of her cute self. Oh, this is a singin’ contest? Right. She did better this week than she has in a while. Wasn’t terrific but at least she didn’t choose a song that’s bigger than her. Jason Castro – Good job. He’s kinda like Brooke to me. I could will listen to their CD’s while I’m on a road trip cruisin’ down I-35 to the blessed state of Texas. I’d like to see him record that song on his first album. He’s got a real feel-good vibe. Now, if he’d just cut his dreads off 🙂 Carly Smithson – Ladies and gentlemen, sit down. Cindy Beall just got goose bumps for THE FIRST TIME by Miss Carly. Uh-MAY-zing. Beautiful. And she looked real pretty despite the ink running down her arm. Did I say that out loud? Anyway, I could see her recording that song on her CD. Tangent: Simon said that everyone can have a great performance with the right song. I DISAGREE! If you’ve got it, you can sing the phone book and touch people. If you don’t, ain’t no U2 song gonna pull you out. I’m just sayin’. But, what do I know. David Archuleta – It wasn’t the best performance for us, but it was REALLY good. He’s DEFINITELY got the girls going for him. I really think he’s got a sweet voice. Kristy Lee Cook – Ooooo, did you see her dress? So cute. I am CERTAIN that my front butt could be hidden in that darling thang. Wonder where she got it? And I would love to have her shoulders. Hello. I haven’t seen my collarbones in years. Okay, so I talk about her cute clothes and her cute figure because well, the singin’ it ain’t so good. This is precisely what I’m talkin’ about. She could pick THE PERFECT song and it would still be a little on the boring side. Syesha Mercado – Singing I Will Always Love You is fairly predictable. Saw that comin’ from a mile away. I thought she did a nice job. It’s sad that she got compared to Whitney. Nobody’s Whitney so let’s just enjoy the woman! Michael Johns – GREAT song. Wonderful performance. Loved that electric guitarist playing behind him. He was on pitch the entire time…even on those high notes. Best Performance: Michael Johns Worst Performance: Kristy Lee Cook or Ramiele Malubay Going Home: I always say Kristy Lee or Ramiele and those girls, well, THEY ARE BOTH STILL HERE. So, I have no earthly idea. Thanks for staying tuned.

14 thoughts on “AI – And Then There Were 9”

  1. Wasn’t David Cook’s haircut a nice update? I’m with you on the bottom two – but Syesha has been there and didn’t blow it away tonight. Dolly night? Eh.

  2. I must admit…I had to turn my human head away from the television when Michael Johns sang last night as to not commit any sins of the heart….since the husband is out of town and all. He was amazing!

  3. I have to say if David Cook keeps going the way he has, he might just be the winner. =) Or Michael Johns. Either way, I’d buy.

  4. thanks for the weekly updates because I don’t always get to sit and watch…so I read your post and I get up to date on the latest AI 411. My baby girl had her first softball game and boy we…kick butt. No I am not one of those mom that is all about winning. I am also glad nobody got hurt. At practice two girls got hit with the ball on in the throat and the other in the arm. Jessa got popped in the jaw at softball camp last month so, I do get concerned.
    I don’t really understand why Kristy lee Cook is still on there. Yes, she can sing but I have seen better. She is very plain I think…but who am I.
    I didn’t get to see their outfits and I will have to check it out.
    Thanks again!

  5. We liked them all better than listening to Dolly sing them. We thought they all did a pretty good last night. We don’t care for country music.

    David Cook could win it all. We heard on the radio that they had to take him to the hospital last night because his blood pressure. He didn’t want to leave until after the show was over. He had been stressed because his brother has cancer.

  6. whatever – did you see the BAND that sang this little light of mine – don’t let satan put it out??!! What is God doing??!!! AMMMMMMAAAZZZZZINNNGG!!! Soooooo cool!

  7. And Brooke in the bottom three?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY! (My girls and I are going to be voting our little heads off next week!)

    By the way, I think this is the first time I’ve ever commented, but I’ve been enjoying and have been blessed by your blog since I first read your guest post on Anne Jackson’s blog. I’ve especially liked the mentoring posts, as that’s something near and dear to me. 🙂

  8. Hey there friend….I just love reading your AI reports each week. I so agree with them, maybe that is why I am loving them. 🙂 Just wanted to hello you and say thanks for those great laughs. Jeremy is usually gone on AI nights and so I sit and read your opinions alone but I just LOL. Miss you all….

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