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Sooooooo….it’s been a rough and long day at the Beall home. Lots of tears and frustration and disappointment. It’s hard work, this parenting stuff. All that to say, this post will be short. Here’s a summation of tonight’s performances: Great performancesChikezie, Carly Smithson, David Cook, Brooke White and Amanda Overmeyer. While we aren’t huge fans of Amanda and Carly, we did enjoy their performances tonight. So-So performances Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro, Ramiele Malubay and Michael Johns. Syesha is actually my favorite gal because she reminds me of my best friend who can TEAR THE ROOF OFF with her voice. I don’t think she’ll win but I still like her. Poor performancesDavid Hernandez, Kristy Lee Cook and dare I say it? David Archuleta. David Hernandez can sing. Period. But he’ll have to choose better songs from here on out. Going home this week? We figure it’ll be Kristy Lee Cook or Ramiele Malubay. Tough call. Just not sure. It’s usually at this point in the competition where Chris and I can pinpoint the next American Idol with a lot of certainty. Not this year. We thought we had him picked and then tonight he went and tanked. But, because we’re experts of the show, we are going to stick with our gut feeling. Without further uhdo ado adue adieu, the moment all 13 of my readers have been waiting for. The Beall’s prediction for this year’s American Idol. We, Chris and Cindy Beall, predict that this year’s winner will be


Good thing I’ve got AT&T unlimited text messaging so that I can vote like crazy to make this happen. Cuz you know if I don’t vote, it’ll really hurt him. I’m just sayin’ 🙂

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  1. I would have to agree with you that David does have a very good chance of winning due to the vote or text of America the real talent on that stage last night was Carly. That girl has what it takes to get BIG!!! Love you guys and I hope all is well. Tell Chris I said hi, love your house by the way. I look forward to ties of singing/playing in the living room like old times.

  2. LifeGroup got in the way of LOST so we had to move them to Tues. Gerr. Now they’re in the way of AI! I think we’ll have to can all LifeGroup sessions until the summer. Ok, not really, but I like to sound tough and non-spiritual.

  3. I hope you still like me, but….I hope he doesn’t win. I really don’t. He’s a cute baby boy and all, but I really don’t like him.

    At my house we are partial to the Australian guy…forget which David he is…

  4. This season, my husband and I are first-timers to AI…yep, we are the official last two people in the Great United States to join the fan club!

    Two words got us hooked this season- David Archuleta.

    I was sent an email with a clip of those heaven sent chords- and was hooked ever since!

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