AI – 11 to go

Alright, so I’m gonna do something new. I’m going to give a one-word description that will tell you what Chris and I thought about the American Idol performances this week. Here you go… David Archuleta – uh-MAY-zing (Make sure you say this like Kelly on The Office when she’s talking about Brad and Angelina’s baby) David Cook – Star Michael Johns – Eh Chikezie – Really? (Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) Jason Castro – Charming Syesha Mercado – Best of the Night (Wha?? Not one word? My bad.) Amanda Overmeyer – Predictable Carly Smithson – Controlled Ramiele Malubay – Corny Kristy Lee Cook – Okay Brooke White – Anti-dancer Pretty sure Ramiele is gone. I’m just sayin’. On a quick note, did anyone see Dancing With The Stars tonight? Marlee Matlin danced. AND SHE’S DEAF. Like she can’t hear a thang. Nada. Nothin’. Absolutely without the ability to hear. Breathtakingly beyond my imagination. That was somethin’.

9 thoughts on “AI – 11 to go”

  1. but..could you not be so WORDY in your post? 😉 j/k lol thanks for blogging! I dont get the channel for DWTS but I bet Marlee Matlin was amazing 🙂 xoxo melzie

  2. I was torn between Idol and Dancing with the Stars. I missed the last couple of Idols last night. I was moved to tears watching Marlee. Did you see her interpreter? As she and her partner were coming back to stand and hear their critques it showed her interpreter wiping his eyes and someone said something about “Jack was moved to tears”. It was incredible watching her and seeing that she had NO fear on her face. She totally trusted Fabian. Awesome!

    I am torn on Idol between David “Cutie Patootie” Archuleta; David “I’m a Rock Star” Cook, and Brooke “Carly Simon Clone” White. I love all three of them! I am SO ready for Amanda to get the boot.


  3. Sorry not an AI fan, but I did catch the last part of Dancing w/ the Stars and they definatly saved the best for last . Marlee Matlin was uh-MAY-zing! I loved when Samantha asked her why she did this and she said ‘why not’ I love that attitude;)

  4. Your comment about Kelly from the Office cracked me up. We’ve been watching last season on DVD (Blockbuster online). On one of the episodes we watched Jim (who has been away from the Scranton Office comes back) he ask Kelly how she has been and she starts telling him about Brad and Angelina’s baby and Tom and Kate’s baby… it was funny.

  5. didn’t watch, but this makes me want to. loved dancing with the stars last year and chad said the first episode was alright – that he couldn’t watch people dance badly for 2 hours.

  6. Very cool….I guess the rocker rocked it out the door (home) tonight! I like the blog very Cool! Makes me think how people would describe me in one word! …. Random! How would I describe you…Hmmm!…SupaSTA!

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