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The Beall’s thoughts….LIVE! Theme: The Year They Were Born Ramiele Malubay (1987) – Alone? By Heart? Hmmm. Poor thing was extremely off pitch on a LOT of notes. She should have dropped the song a step and would have been better off. Jason Castro (1987) – He brought the guitar back. Good call. His performance was a bit boring for us, but we’d kinda like to listen to him on a beach in Cancún. Simon’s advice was right on. Even Noah thinks he needs more energy. His words exactly. Syesha Mercado (1987) – The girl can sing. I don’t know if she’s got the likability factor but she has some talent. Y’all know I’ve been a fan of hers all along. Chikezie (1985) – Okay, now that was sexy. Oh, stop it. Y’all know you were thinkin’ the same thing. He has a really nice voice whether it’s his upper or lower register. Watch out Peabo Bryson and Luther Vandross. Brooke White (1983) – Ah, she looks so pretty. Love her hair. I really like her. Her performance? Well, it’s was just alright for us. Michael Johns (1978) – That boy had the whole band clappin’! Even Ricky Minor! That’s just craziness. Okay, the boy finally found his song. That was hot. Smokin’. Carly Smithson (1983) – I think she’s mad at me. Did you see that face? Wow. I don’t know that I’d hold her tight if I was a guy. I’m just sayin’. I thought she did good until the very end. What kind of ending was that? David Archuleta (1990) – I can’t believe out of all the songs from 1990 that he chose that one. I mean, I KNOW George Strait recorded something that year. Please. David is adorable and can really sing, but he needs a little help in the song choice department. We didn’t like this performance at all. Kristy Lee Cook (1984) – SHO do like her shirt. I might get one. Wait, I can’t. Not sure if it’ll cover up my front butt. Okay, the song choice…choosing a patriotic song is what they tell you to do in pageants. This ain’t Miss America. Anyway, the girl was pitchy in a HUGE way. We disagree with the judges. We think it was a LIH-tle cheesy. But what do we know 🙂 David Cook (1982) – Holy cow. HE IS BRILLIANT. We’ve never seen a risk taker like him when it comes to arrangements. Holy cow. Holy cow. I voted for him eight times. Yes I did. BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE ENTIRE NIGHT! On a side note: Paula, what in the world are you trying to say? We’re thinkin’ that Ramiele will go home.

8 thoughts on “AI – The Top Ten”

  1. If anyone but you were writing this I wouldn’t care…I don’t even watch AI–havent’ religiously since Kelly Clarkson…loved year 1!
    anywho, it’s you–so I’m following your predictions!
    What is this…you could be updating me on Leviticus & I’d read it…well, maybe…

  2. I have got to start watching AI this year. Your reviews crack me up…but I want to know what the heck you are talking about! We talked about watching a little of it last night but forgot. We have become huge “The Biggest Loser” fans and get too engrossed in watching that. The transformations!

  3. I totally agree with you about paula. I was like huh? Everytime she opened her mouth. Simon just looks at her like she is crazy. Brad and I think she has some adult beverages in her coca-cola cup!

  4. I keep forgetting to TIVO AI, so I only caught the last three of last night, but OH MY WORD David Cook was amazing!!! I even made sure I recorded the last bit so Terry could see it. If that song isn’t on the AI CD released for this season, I’ll be very surprised.

    And I’m sorry, but I just do not get the David Arch. thing. He does nothin’ for me. Maybe Reia would like him?

  5. Ok, AI aside, I had to laugh outloud about the “front butt” comment. Seriously…….are shirts getting shorter again, cause that’s all kinds of wrong! I’m with you girl, I have 2 to cover and they can’t be the snug fitting ones either where you have to suck your front in all day…..that’s just too much dang work. :>) Have a great one!! David Cook all the way!!!!!

  6. I realized again this morning that I’m no longer one of the young women… please refrain from typing their birth years in future posts. It doesn’t give me warm and fuzzy happy feelings. I like to pretend I could be a contestant if I could actually sing…I don’t need the age requirement weighting me down also!

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