Aging Schmaging

It finally happened to me. I mean, there it was, in all its glory.  I was doing the finishing touches on my make-up (which really just consist of blush, eye liner and mascara) and I gently pulled down the skin under my eye. And it stayed there. It didn’t bounce back into place like I used to.  I just stayed there making me look like I’m almost 40. Wait, I AM almost 40. Well, then, I guess that makes sense.  I am beginning to not only see the signs of aging but also feel them.  My back isn’t the same as it was.  Moles seem to be appearing all over my body at an alarmingly fast rate.  And my memory, well, it’s not like it used to be. But I did just run 4 miles without stopping last Saturday. Booyah.

2 thoughts on “Aging Schmaging”

  1. I am 41 and your body does start to look ‘DIFFERENT’ after 40. But I am realising the wisdom of ..”Beauty is fleeting..(prov 31) It is fleeting and I can not rely on it!! I bet your husband thinks you are beautiful and so does Jesus!! xx

  2. Owen, who is three, says BOOYAH! all the time. For everything.

    “Do you have a dirty diaper?”


    “Did you play nice with brothers?”


    and he ends his statements with it too…. “I wran fasta den Aidan! BOOYAH!”

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