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Now alla y’all know I’m a fan of the show.  If you don’t know… I’M A FAN OF THE SHOW. This season is impressing me quite a bit.  In years past, I have pretty much been able to tell you who I think will win, or at least be in the top 2. Not this year. I am very impressed with many of the singers.  I think several of them will make it big.  They are THAT good. And while I won’t be posting about Idol each week, I know, stop the tears, I will probably give a “shout out” every now and again and give you my two cents. If you want my two cents. At this point in the game, I see some really amazing stand-outs:
Matt Giraud – Dude can sing and play.  Really like him. Lil Rounds – Girl got it goin’ on.  Loved her the first day she auditioned. Kris Allen – He’s pretty much adorable and so is his cute wife.  Plus, I ate lunch last week in his hometown of Conway, Arkansas, so I feel a connection. Adam Lambert – While his style of music isn’t necessarily my favorite, the boy, he can certainly SANG.  Oh my word, the notes that boy hits. Danny Gokey – I must say that he’s been my favorite from day one.  I love his countenance and his voice is amazing.
I personally think that any one of these five could win American Idol this year.  While I am not a music expert, I do know some things when it comes to music. Alrighty folks, have yourselves a nice day. Gone.

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  1. Okay. I’m gonna say it. Danny has an anointing on his life. And, he can sing. And, he loves Jesus. So, I will text my vote over and over for him.

  2. I have to chime in, Cindy. American Idol currently has the best singers I’ve seen in years. Seriously.

    Not to brag (ahem) but I pegged Danny during auditions and predicted he would be in the top 10. He’s a joy to watch and listen to. God’s hand is SO on his life.

    My guess at the top three are: Danny, Adam and Allison. But like you said, it’s all good, girl!

  3. I believe AI has some of the best singers this season than in years past. It has made it fun to watch and the contestants lives are very fascinating. We are fans and we choose Danny to take it all!

    besides he is so cute and when he sings…he makes us all just smile!

  4. I haven’t watched this season until last night. The three that really stood out to me were Danny, Adam, and Allison. I think any of those three could win it. And the two guys (I can’t remember their names) that were at the beginning weren’t too bad either. It will be interesting to see who ends up winning 🙂

  5. I think that you should shout out something about AI every week. Just give up trying to withhold your 2 cents worth and give them to us.

    It doesn’t feel like AI without your critique.

  6. WELL, with the extra time on my hands since EDITING posts at the CAFE is out of the question…I get to watch Idol and post on my favorite blogs:)
    THIS is DOUBLE BONUS!! I’ve got to tell you I’m with you, Danny, Adam (sans the black nailpolish) and Allison and Lil…I’m impressed, but with my limited musical knowledge, correction…NO musical knowledge, I’m really NOT the one to ask…:)

    Hugs Cindy!

  7. I am with ya on this one Cindy. I agree there is a lot of talent. My favorite is Danny. Our new children’s pastor that is moving here from Milwaukee in 7 days (YEA GOD – leaving a paid position to serve at our church with no salary) is great friends with Danny.

    So I have a connection, a little long, but still a connection. I disliked Adam until this week. The man is out there, but I have to love him. He is a pioneer who is doing HIS thing and not letting anyone change him. As a church planter I have embraced that attitude when it comes to doing church.

    Interesting to see things transpire, and Matt G. the dude rocks!

  8. yup, Danny’s my FAV!!! I think I’m a little partial cause he’s a worship leader and I just that’s awesome that some of God’s kids are makin’ it big on the world’s stage. That’s just freakin’ cool!

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