A Woman Inspired…2009

See that little, blue button with the gal raising her arms? → → → → Well, it just happens to be a women’s conference that is totally online. I know! No need to get a sitter.  Or do your hair.  Or get out of your pajamas, for that matter! You can hear one speaker share her message or stick around and hear all 16!  This gal and this gal and this gal are all speaking. I know! It’s a pretty cool idea, if you ask me. So, hop on over to the site by clicking that pretty, little, blue button. I think you’ll like it 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Woman Inspired…2009”

  1. OK – so call me a little naive…but if I purchase the “combo” ticket – this will enable me to download to my iPod shuffle? I’m a little confused and not quite sure how this works. I will be working during the day – but if I can download these to my Shuffle – I”m all over it!!!

  2. Cindy
    Maybe this isn’t the place to express this, but recently I read your blog on SF Daily Devotionals. You spoke about when “God says No” to our prayers. You went on to share how you were turned down by a guy before you met your husband you have now. I say all of this because I am a born again believer who have been faithfully serving God for the past 20 years. I am now 53. I really serve God with all of my heart. I was married for 14 years before my now ex-husband decided that he wanted another lifestyle and broke the marriage. He was the one who drank and drugged in the marriage. I was the one who tried to love unconditionally and live for Jesus. I have been divorced and celibate for 13 years because I loved God and believe that He would honor my consecration to Him and bless me with a wonderful man. What has been happening is ..everyone around me have been meeting wonderful people and getting married. Which seems more like a slap in the face. Some of these people were dating and living with people even though they are suppose to be Christians.I desire to be married and I have not met anyone or dated anyone since. Believe me it’s not because I do not desire a significant, meaningful relationship. I spend all holiday’s without anyone special. I am a caring, loving, loyal person. I am a giver and I love people with my heart. My heart is literally broken. Why is it that I am made to spend my life alone when I was the faithful one in my marriage raising kids by myself, feeling alone in the marriage? What could God be saying in this? He’s Good right. If He is so Good then why am I so miserable as a Chistian? I am really so near giving up on everything. I have prayed, fasted, spent time meditating on the Word, cried out, sowed seed, donated to the poor, lived the Word and yet I keep getting the complete opposite of what God has promised.
    I have lost the joy I had in being a Christian. I am really frustrated with “unanswered prayer” Not having a spouse is NOT the Word of God if that is my desire. As a believer that obeys the Word, there should be a light at the end of this long dark tunnel. Sometimes I feel very unloved by God…and I am the believer who has served Him for 20 years. What are younger Christians doing if I am feeling this way? I am tired of the church jargon of being told “just believe” How do you do that when there is constant doors shut in my face and my whole world is upside down yet I live the Word with integrity?

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