A Real Live History Lesson – Part 2

Today, my brother, David, and his wife, Andrea, and their son, Preston (14) will be joining my mother and me as we continue our trip into our nation’s history.  We’ll be hitting the ground running today and see all that we can before we head back to Oklahoma on Sunday.  One of the things we’ll get to do is go on a tour of this building:


I know, right?

So excited about it. SO!

We’ll also be headed to Mount Vernon tomorrow to check out G-Dub’s, that’s what I like to call him, first digs, since he didn’t get to live in the White House.

Again, I’ll be giving updates via The Twitter if you are interested.

Love you all so big!

3 thoughts on “A Real Live History Lesson – Part 2”

  1. Mt Vernon was one of my favorite DC spots. Love the gardens!

    Enjoying your twitter tour….keep sending those pics and have a great time. The fountains….remember the fountains 🙂

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