A New Love…

There’s a new love in my life. It’s fabulous, easy-going, fun, whimsical, and expensive. ECKS-SPEN-SIVE! It’s the Sundance catalog. *sigh* Ever seen it? Here’s one. sundance3 My hubby got me a few things from Sundance for my birthday. But, if you know me, you know I picked out items from the clearance section. Guessing that part of me will never leave. Today, I just got the latest catalog for the season and after flipping through it, I decided to share some of my faves with you. tan50310Doesn’t this just say, “Hey, let’s go hiking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the day?” jeans52941_2And of course I’d wear these while hiking. Adorable pocket. card52612I. Love. This. Cardigan. turq52634And y’all know that any shade of blue, preferably THIS ONE, is my color. Ahem. But the material possession I want most in life right now are these. boots52756 Can we have a moment of silence, please? Of course purchasing them is another thing entirely. They are $528. FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT DOLLARS! I’d have to save for a month of Sundays to get these bad boys. And maybe I will. Or Robert Redford, founder of Sundance, if you are reading this, I am happy to be a model for the above items. Shirt size: M; Pant size: 10; Shoe size: 9. Now excuse me, as I go find a cloth to wipe up the drool from my mouth.

6 thoughts on “A New Love…”

  1. You make me laugh, Cindy Beall.

    I’m not such a magazine kind of girl. My MIL even offered to get me a subscription to the mag of my choice for Christmas. But my feedreader is like my newspaper/magazine these days, except I’m the editor/publisher. And it’s free. So. um. I’d rather have an Amazon Gift card. But that’s me.

    Hope you get that modeling gig!!

  2. ok, so I love the boots…definitely worth saving for…besides that would be so dang cute on you! and you are worthy of things even if they are not on sale…I’m just saying! love!

  3. Oh.I.So.Want.Those boots! I think they’d keep the rest of my shoes great company when they weren’t adorning my feet.

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