A New Kind of Curtain Call

You may have seen them. It’s quite typical of news stations to do a year-end “Curtain Call” for the numerous celebrities and well-known personalities that have passed away during the year. I went through the list and saw many people I recognized instantly, a handful that made me sad because I had a personal experience watching them and then quite a few others that I had to read about before I said, “Oh yeah, I remember him.” Then I started thinking about the rest of the world. The normal, everyday people who died. Maybe millions didn’t notice their exit from the world, but I know some of you did. And does that make them less important that 6.7 billion people didn’t know who they were? I don’t think so. I would like to have our own Curtain Call here on cindybeall.com. It’s just my way to honor those people whose feet are no longer walking this earth. Please share the name of someone you knew who passed away in 2010. May we honor this person and pray for their families who are sure to still grieve over their loss.

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  1. Terry Davy – he is missed by all who knew him and especially his wife Dorothy, son Wyatt, and mom Ann.

  2. Cindy I love this! I would like to honor my friend Kevin Walker. He passed this year in his late 40’s to cancer. He was a worship leader, mentor, friend and amazing man of God. His funeral was amazing, CD of him leading worship as people were coming in and 12 speakers instead of 1. All 12 people got up and spoke of how Kevin impacted him. Pray for his wife Julie….

  3. Pastor Dave Plaster…our Senior Pastor. He contracted a very rare brain disease and died within 6 weeks!! We are all mourning him but know that He is celebrating with Jesus!! He loved mentoring young men and touched many lives

  4. Cathy Keller…Andy’s step mom of 20+ years! She fought a long battle with cancer and went Home to be with her Lord and Savior in September. One AMAZING woman of God. We miss her more than I could EVER put into words…

  5. My father, Todd Marshall, who died suddenly in March at age 46 of a massive heart attack — a total shock to our family in many ways. He was: father, son, husband, brother, friend, teacher, generous giver, one with servant-heart. He is: missed so much, in the arms of Christ, awaiting our reunion with him. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share, Cindy.

  6. Joseph Shank, 18 years old, who died while running/exercising at one of our local tracks. Joseph loved God, and his death impacted many people. Please pray for his parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members.

  7. My grandmother Dorothy Dobbins – maker of the best cornbread on Earth. Passed away on June 22nd.

    A few days later, a lovely man in our congregation named Peter Woodliffe passed away. He was in his 80’s and even when he was in the hospital at the end very ill, he was still smiling. During one of our last visits my husband said to him “Peter! You are still smiling!” to which this lovely little man replied “Why not? God is on His throne.”

    This is a lovely idea Cindy. Thanks.

  8. Gary Stevens, one of my employees, tragically killed by hit and run driver who ran a stop sign. Gary was on a Saturday afternoon drive on his Harley Davidson motorcycle with his new girlfriend. Luckily she survived. He is survived by his mother and two teenage sons.

  9. Thank you Cindy for this. I had the same thought watching one of the news channels “curtain” call. What about us regular folk? Jayden Ann. A good friends still born baby girl, and the death of the dreams that went with losing her.

    I’ve missed your words in your hiatus. Welcome back. 🙂

  10. I am amazed that this was on your heart beacause we have had a great loss in between the Christmas and new year. My friends husband committed suicide. He was the best man at out wedding and my husband and him grew up together. Then they got saved around about the same time. He went to bible college and became a pastor. Then he drifted from church in the past 5 years. He left 5 children and a grandson. My heart is just overwhelmed right now. For his wife his children. My husband is feeling so at a loss, because he had just talked to him last week and they were heading for a game of golf, but due to bad weather, they cancelled. That was the last time they spoke. Our hearts are so broken right now. Thank you for allowing me to ‘pour’ out a bit of how I am feeling right now. Bless you for thinking of the ones who don’t get a mention, but are just as special and missed dearly. Thanks Cindy xx

  11. Lori Harmon…my cousin… .October 11…fought a hard battle against cancer. She was full of laughter & fun…even in her last days she was making us all laugh with her. She leaves behind 3 children…22, 18, 16 years old. Their dad died of cancer 2 years ago.

  12. My aunt Francine at the young age of 49. My family misses her so she was definitely a ray of sunshine and a joy to be around. She will always be in our hearts forever. I love you and miss you Auntie Francine.

  13. My dad, Percy Hutchinson on May 7, 2010. A courageous man, a loving husband and a dad that is missed every day by his children, his grandchildren, and his greatgrandchildren. Until we meet again, in the sweet by and by.

  14. I lost several people this year who all had different kinds of impacts on my life:

    my great-aunt Juanita Klingman
    long-time friend Mark Fullerton (AKA Mark Shannon)
    fmr pastor David Thomas
    my aunt Bea Gee (yes, I really had an Aunt Bea)
    and someone who was once a friend and made some very detrimental choice along the way, Steve Hodges.

    The last three were all last month.

  15. Kylee Boden — My spiritual Mentor in college, she died at the age of 31 last March. She was married and had 4 children. She actually died a few hours after giving birth to her 4th child due to complications of high blood pressure. She was unlike any women I have met. Jesus was her best friend. I think about her almost every day … wondering what she’s doing in Heaven. I hope to I can shine Jesus’ light like she did every day!

  16. Kelly Feinberg – my best friend for 25 years was taken home May 14 after a short but fierce battle with metastasized breast cancer


    Cindy DeNeve – my dear, dear friend since I was 2 was taken home July 31 after a slightly longer, but just as fierce battle with metastasized cervical cancer

    I miss them both so very deeply.

  17. what a beautiful idea….Oscar Gonzalez. He was 16 years old and a friend of my daughter’s. He was hit by a train while crossing the tracks on July 15, 2010. He was listening to his iPod and texting…he never heard the train even though it sounded it’s emergency horn. It was my daughter’s first experience with death on such a personal level and it was very difficult for her…..and for me to watch her grieve.

  18. Dave Jancovic ,he was such a great entertainer in the Lehigh Valley, Pa. He gave from his heart through entertaining . He always had a big smile on his face and a warm hello. He is so greatly missed.

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