A Moment In Time

Interruptions.  To break in upon an action or break the continuity of something. They’re everywhere.  All the time.  Every…single…day. If only we’d choose to look at them differently. The phone rings at an inopportune time from a friend you haven’t spoken with in ages.  You see a very chatty acquaintance in the store when you have no minutes to spare.  Your child wants you to play a game with her when you really want to watch TV.  A co-worker really needs to talk through his/her pain. Challenge to you:  Ask God for a moment in time every day that will give you the opportunity to intentionally influence someone who is placed upon your path. A moment in time might inconvenience your life for a bit but potentially change someone else’s for a lifetime.

8 thoughts on “A Moment In Time”

  1. Every morning in my prayer I tell God “I am yours God direct me as You will. Please kick me in the pants if I go wrong!”

    Sometimes I still think I miss a blessing or two from my business.

  2. I need this reminder every single day. I get so hyper-focused on what I’m doing, to the neglect of those around me! I need to allow myself to be inconvenienced.

  3. My prayer is “let me see the opportunity coming” – so often the moment has passed and then the Holy Spirit whispers “you should have said/done….”

    Its not an inconveince, its part of The Plan 🙂

  4. In light of my families recent car accident you learn about the people who visit/help when convenient and those that go out of their way to go above and beyond. I’ve made a choice that I want to be the latter.

  5. I am usually on the look for these “appointments” but I have to admit that there are times when I realize that one was right staring me in the face and I missed it. I miss fewer and fewer. The ones I miss – rather than conk myself over the head – I pray that I’ll be more attentive.

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