A Look Into My World

The capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance…point of view…a mental view or prospect.
That’s what perspective is.  And I’ve gotten a lot of it lately. Much has changed in my life in 2010.  I began working a new job on February 15th.  I’ve been working from home for years which has been very nice.  But, an opportunity presented itself for me to take a different job.  Neither my husband nor I could deny God’s hand in bringing this new role to our family. So I accepted it. Much has changed.  I am gone from my home about 20 hours a week.  I have a little less time with my sons.  I don’t have a day off with my husband.  My house isn’t as clean.  We eat leftovers more for dinner.  I can’t meet with women one on one very often. But, I am not riding around on a boat in Nashville watching my house float away.  I’m not waiting for a surgical procedure to see whether or not I’ll need a hysterectomy at the age of 35.  I’m not waiting for my wayward teenager to turn her life around and come back home. So, while my new schedule causes me the occasional discomfort, I need to remember that I chose this because I believe God opened this door for me.  I also need to be grateful for the blessing of this job because I work in a fabulous, godly environment and earn more for our family as we strive for financial freedom. A little taste of perspective is what I needed today. You?

5 thoughts on “A Look Into My World”

  1. Well, my kids are alive and healthy. If that doesn’t keep me from complaining on a daily basis….=) ha ha, you talk to me pretty often, and I’m pretty sure I still complain. Maybe a dollar for every one of those?

  2. This is about what I had to tell myself and two other girls last week, as we were complaining about our lives, sitting in front of eachother and trying to finish a project we are working on. We drive our cars to work every day, instead of having to jump into a crowded bus.
    My kids have a scholarship in the same school I teach, so they go with me and we go back home together in the afternoon, instead of having to take them to a daycare center in a crowded bus at 6:30 AM, and riding another bus to work.
    I have a maid who stays in the house all day long (ok, this is good old Southamerica talking), instead of having to throw in a load of laundry and make the beds after I get home from work.
    I have a loving husband, who works harder than me, and loves me despite of everything.
    I have no reason to complain. This is real life – not a fairy tale.
    Thank you Lord, for always giving me more than I actually need.

  3. Thank you, perspective is what I needed to hear. Yes I have gone through something that looks horrible to those outside, well at least I thought that’s how it looked to them until I went outside my house and looked in my window. Then I got a new perspective. I live in a house in a nice neighborhood. I am a new mommy to a beautiful little girl and I get to stay at home and take care of her. I have a business that sustains my needs when I need it. I have a handsome teenage son who is well mannered and does well in school. I am home everyday to be available for my seven year old daughter when she returns from school. I attend a great church with a loving church family. We have plenty of food. Our clothes are not old and raggedy. I looked up and realized it is working for my good, this is a life I could only dream of a few years ago when I worked 70+ hours per week. Hey I am a single mother who has nothing to complain about. Now that’s a new way of seeing my life.

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