A Little More Link Lovin’ Goin’ On

Before I share some love of a handful of blogs I’ve found to be quite fabuloso, I’d like to tell you that I am happy to put you on my blogroll. Several weeks back I did away with it. Ka-put. Sianara. Gone. Only because I wanted to do a little blog housekeeping, if you will. Because I am that kind of gal. So. If you’d like some props on my Link Love page, just tell me in the comments. Nothing would bring me greater joy than to do so. Well, except Jesus. And my family. Mabye some friends. And definitely sugared cereal. But, then you’re next. Pinky promise. I’d encourage each of you to take a look at the following blogs. Each blog has it’s own personality, passion, and purpose. You won’t be sorry. 1. What I Really Want To Say Is – If you know me well enough, you know how much I love clever, witty writing. This gal certainly accomplishes that. She’s a new one to me but a goodie FO SHO. 2. Grit and Glory – I’ve never heard her voice or given her a hug, but Alece has become quite a doll to me. I’m sure the fact that we haven’t met face to face has something to do with, oh, the Atlantic Ocean separating us. Her writing is excellent. Period. The ministry she and her husband lead is Thrive Africa and is really the way missions should be done…equipping and mobilizing indigenous leaders to become strategic, godly influences in their cultural communities. 3. Eikon By Amanda – This girl, Amanda Hyden, can shoot her some photos. Would I lie to you? She posts a lot of the pictures she’s taken on her blog. There is a particular family on there, ahem, who is pretty adorable, if I do say so myself. 4. An Open Apology – Aaron and Jonathan hope that this site is owned by the readers and that their roll is to simply facilitate thoughts to talk over. They would like to see readers work through their faith as we all journey from being in love with Christianity and the systems we know, to being in love with Christ Himself. And y’all, they might get themselves published by a real, live publisher!!!  I know! 5. Living The Blessed Life – Rachel is another one of those people I’ve yet to meet, but I feel her heart with each word she writes. Recently, she and her husband, Anthony, have opened up their lives to share a story that nearly took them out. Can you guess? I’m especially tender towards couples who’ve endured such difficulties in their marriages and have decided to stick with it. Enjoy! 

16 thoughts on “A Little More Link Lovin’ Goin’ On”

  1. Hi! you don’t have to link my blog (I mean, you can if you want) but I was really commenting to ask – is there a way I can e-mail you? I looked all over your blog for an e-mail addy, and if there is one, I think I missed it (which is VERY possible because I tend to overlook things when I am looking for them)


  2. am i allowed to say “na-na-na-na-naaaa-NAAAAA!!!”??? for the simple fact that I’ve seen our lovely “grit and glory”, hugged her, saw her amazingly green eyes, heard her contagious laugh and cried huge tears with her? Can I, can I????

    [p.s…if you were a fly on the wall during a moment of our little weekend, you would have heard us say that you’re amazing”…yep, it’s true! All of us…including our version of alece!!!]

  3. this was such an incredible surprise. thank you. miss beall says my writing is excellent? my eyebrows are furrowed in disbelief. thank you. sincerely.

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