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I wrote a short entry on Friday about the season we are in and how it is considered the giving time of year. This concept is something that has occupied my thoughts for a while now. I recently spoke at a retreat where I touched on living a life of generosity. According to Saint Francis of Assisi, it is in giving that we receive. Not to mention the countless verses we can find in the Bible to support such a lifestyle. But, instead of monopolizing too much of your time, I thought I would break it up into several entries. I hope you’ll stay tuned… The boys and I were listening to KLOVE this morning on the way home from church when we heard Don’t Save It All For Christmas by Avalon. That’s it! They put my thoughts down into a beautiful song. Here are some of the lyrics: So don’t save it all for Christmas day Find a way to give a little love every day Don’t save it all for Christmas day Find a way ‘Cause holidays have come and gone But love lives on, If you give on I know the holidays bring sadness for many, but they also bring joy for plenty. It seems that we decide to share a lot more of ourselves in numerous ways than any other time of the year. Take our words, for example. Don’t we say nicer things to people at Christmas? Don’t we tell people I love you more at Christmas? Don’t we? Why not March 18th? Or June 27th? Or better yet, why not everyday? We can be generous with so much more than money, although that is something I’ll write about later. Let’s learn to be generous with our words. Encouraging ones, that is 🙂 I’d love to hear ways you incorporate this into your everyday life. Ideas? Suggestions? Advice?

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  1. it is too late for my brain to work properly, but i had to say june 27th is the most amazing day of the year! it’s our anniversary!

    i try and smile a lot at people – strangers – when i’m out. i’m sure it looks pretty silly, but hey, you never know!

  2. I love to write emails, notes or cards, often for no reason at all, just simply to let someone know I am thinking about them and to offer them a piece of my heart, and/ or encouragement. I love that when it’s written they can look back at it when they really need a pick-me-up…that’s what I do anyway! Other times I just try to speak it… sometimes it is harder though to say what I mean, cause it’s awkward to explain to someone how wonderful they are or tell them how beautiful they are. Both of these are things I try to do regularly. It stretches me (in love and authenticity) and hopefully encourages whoever I’m talking or writing to.

  3. I grew up in a pretty encouraging rich environment so all that stuff comes pretty naturally througout the year. I don’t think I feel that I’ve missed chances to tell people I love them or encourage them. I have my mom to thank for that kind of awareness.

  4. On Saturday night (yes, we are going to the Saturday service at our church – we are running out of room and additional services was the answer) and our pastor spoke on capicity. Our capicity for God. He says we only have the capicity of what we are willing to give. If you want more of God you have to increase your capicity…he wasn’t talking money. It was a very good message.

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