A Life of Generosity – Our Time

Have you ever heard someone say, “I just don’t have the time…”? Being the analyzer that I am, I have found myself thinking about that phrase for years now. Literally years. My brother, Mark, discounts that line of thinking by telling people that no one has time…we make time. I didn’t really like hearing it when it came from his lips that day, but now, I couldn’t agree with him more. *I don’t have time to call that friend back who needs to talk but I certainly make time to watch 24, LOST and The Office. *I don’t have time to play Jr. Monopoly with my 8-year old son but I will always make time to watch the Texas Longhorns play football. *I don’t have time to volunteer at my church or my son’s school but I make time to get to Kirkland’s or Pier 1 when there is a sale. Hello? Toes hurting? Good 🙂 There are plenty of things that I will always make time for. I will always make time to eat. I will always make time to sit on the sofa. I will always make time to check what my fave daily bloggers have to say. (Shameless plug for them now…Swerve, Scott Williams, Anne Jackson, Anna Meadows, Robin Meadows, and Robin Storch.) People are more likely to make time for others during this season where we celebrate our Savior’s birth. What is stopping us from giving our time throughout the rest of the year? Oh, I know I’m crazy to challenge you to give of yourself without expecting anything in return. But that’s the funny part…you will get in return. You know that whole it is in giving that we receive thing that I mentioned yesterday? It works. What is it that you don’t have time for? What do you make time for…good or not so good 🙂 Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Do share.

5 thoughts on “A Life of Generosity – Our Time”

  1. I cannot wait to make time to grab a cup of coffee/tea/what-have-you and spend some time getting to know you!

    we decided to move about a week earlier than we had planned (now dec 28) so I hope that time will come soon!

  2. These are so good, Cindy. Dirk says the same thing as your brother all the time….and it is SO true! I’m learning to be more honest with myself and not saying “I don’t have time”.

  3. My husband has been reading the classic book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. So I’ve been getting all the quotes. One thing that has really been resounding with my husband is the idea that everything is a “choice”. We often say “we can’t afford that” about something that we really can afford, we just choose not to spend our money in that way. It’s the same with our time…we choose our priorities. Cindy Jacobs has a book “Possessing the Gates of the Enemy”. There is a section in the book about daily prayers. It gives a list of possible prayers for each day. One of the days, the prayer is for the right priorities.

  4. Robin – Good for you and good for Dirk!
    Anne – Stalk away 🙂
    Cbgrace – I’ve enjoyed your comments. Thank you! And that whole thing about “can’t afford it” is an entire different blog entry in and of itself. I agree…I can afford a lot of things, but I choose not to spend my money on them.

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