A Life of Generosity – Our Heart

I know a gal who really loves her husband. They’ve been married for over 15 years and have a couple of kids. She is proud of her family and often sends updates on their successes. However, they rarely hear her say positive, loving things to them and they hardly ever see her heart. Her outstretched arm is keeping them at a distance. And it’s all because she fears pain and rejection. But a few times a year….birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries…she opens her heart to them. Only to close it again when the celebration is over. I’ve come to realize that, at this point in her adult life, she is unwilling to risk her heart. Oh, she loves deeply. I believe that. But to let someone know how deep that love is…well, that’s just not going to happen. Because if she does and they don’t receive it, the rejection experience will overtake her. Being generous with our hearts is risky business. Our willingness to open ourselves up to others brings about the possibility that we may not be accepted by them. And who likes that? Risk, along with his friend, failure, are a requirement to success. Greatness doesn’t happen to people who avoid risk. Risking our hearts can and, at some time or another, probably will bring pain. It’s part of life and being on a planet with fallible creatures. BUT (here’s the big but)…there are times when risking our hearts brings about such a sweetness to our lives that it cannot even be explained. Or contained. It oozes from you and makes you want to do generously love again and again and again. Have you experienced that? If not, what’s stopping you?

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  1. Cindy, this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Can we really fully love if we don’t risk it all? I don’t think so….and that’s a tough thing. Rejection hurts. It makes logical sense to not put yourself in the way of pain. So, we have to choose to go against logic and risk it ALL. I find, as I’m getting older (and hopefully wiser) that I’m not as afraid to risk it all. After ALL, what do we really have to lose, but ourselves, our agendas, our opinions…..and are we REALLY that important?

  2. without risking our hearts being broken, can we ever really know someone? Or can they ever really know us? It’s the rare times my wife and I sit and talk openly and honestly ,without holding back, that we grow closer together.

  3. Cindy: I appreciate your feedback on my post at Anne’s blog. It’s amazing how God works. I couldn’t think of anything to write and that topic just came out of the woodwork. Turns out it was what needed to be heard!

  4. The closest I’ve come to authenticity lately is the realization and openness of sharing I struggle with being authentic and struggle to be vulnerable. What’s stopping me…we all know the answer to that…fear! I guess that you could say is rooted even deeper in doubt, because if we truly believed when the Bible says, “there is no fear in LOVE. but perfect love casts out fear… then we would know since God is love…there is no fear in HIM & yet we, I, still fear. I suppose I have not been made perfect in love.

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