A Good Read

I like to share a little love with some fellow bloggers each month.  I’m finding more and more interesting ones out there each day which is good and bad.  Good because, well, they’re good.  And bad, because I read when I should be sweeping the floor. And that’s enough of that. Check these out: 1.  Brandi & boys – This fab gal is someone I’d love to meet one day.  We are sisters, I believe.  She’s got some great stories of her three boys and one BIG boy 🙂 2.  The Best Days of my Life – Sarah Markley writes here.  And maybe the word “writes” isn’t really accurate.  She paints, describes, tells a story…with her words, with her heart.  There is so much talent inside this little mommy of two that I am amazed with each sentence she constructs.   Sarah and I have visited on the phone and hope that one day our paths will cross so we can stay up late and giggle like teenagers. 3.  The Randomness of Dusty Takle – Now this girl is funny.  And cute.  And wonderful.  We met in blog land this year and now she comes to my house once a week for Bible study.  I KNOW!!!  How blessed am I?  So!  Check her out.  Seriously, do it. 4.   BooMama – Now, I know many of y’all know this gal.  She’s just funny. And southern.  We both have a love for the comfort food.  Amen. 5.  Deleise Overcome – You wanna know what I like about this chick?  She is a home schoolin’ mom of four and hasn’t gone crazy yet.  Well, maybe just a little.  But, I swear I can hear this girl talkin’ when I read her posts.  She’s a hoot. Now scoot on over and show some love.

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