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A Dead Dream Brings Life

Sometimes God has to let your dream die so that his vision for you can come alive. -Steven Furtick (Sun Stand Still p.86)
If you look at my high school year book from 1989, you will find my senior portrait including my outrageous 1980’s hair and make-up. Next to my mugshot you will see a brief paragraph that tells some highlights from my past and dreams for my future. This infamous set of sentences is something most seniors look forward to who walk through the doors of Georgetown High School. It’s a time to be known and to proclaim who we aspire to become. The ambition I wrote down was simple: To be the next Amy Grant. Music has been in bones, marrow, and blood since I can remember. Still is. And although I went to college and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, my soul’s desire was to sing and record music. After getting married, Chris and I spent the first 9 years of our marriage leading worship. Because I know it’s nearly impossible to break into the music industry, I truly was content do that. I wasn’t recording music but at least I was singing. But all of that died on February 19, 2002. The day that will forever be etched in my mind because of my husband’s confession of unfaithfulness. Not only did my marriage die but so did my ministry. The only ministry I had truly ever known. I was utterly stripped bare and lost my identity. I didn’t know who I was if I didn’t have a microphone in my hand.

Thankfully, I found it again when I found out who I was in Christ. As I surrendered to God’s calling and leading, He birthed a new dream in me. That new dream is what is being played out in my life today as an author. I never considered that music would just be something I love and not my passion.

Today, writing consumes my thoughts and I often find myself constructing sentences throughout the day or late into the night. I’m overcome with joy when someone tells me that my writing has blessed them. And to think I could have missed this.

I want to encourage you to seek the Father like never before. Be attentive to His voice so that when He calls you, when He leads you, when He asks you to do something you aren’t sure you can or want to do, you will be ready to listen and have a heart that is willing to obey.

Because what you think you just can’t lose right now may be the catalyst for a new vision for your life.

Have you ever lost a dream and received a new one in it’s stead?

5 thoughts on “A Dead Dream Brings Life”

  1. I remember losing my identity when my marriage failed. No longer could I define myself as a “pastor’s wife” or a wife period. Those things had redeemed me…defined me…created a place for me to fit in, to be a be a part of…and then GOD. He began to whisper His love to me or maybe it was just at that very low and lonely place I HEARD Him. I believed His love for me. I began to learn who I truly was…who He created me to be and all that He had planned for me. It has been the best season of my life. A defining time of His guidance and leading and His inspiration. A time that is lasting in my soul and heart. I know who I am and walk in that with joy and grace. I’m blessed.

  2. First time commenter here 🙂

    I lost my identity last year when the guy who I knew loved me for years (through highschool and early 20s) changed his mind. I didn’t realise I’d placed my identity in ‘being loved’ by someone instead of God, but I certainly found that out when it was gone. God is teaching me to find my identity in Him alone, but I am a bit of a slow learner and sometimes it is very difficult. I look forward to passing this test and being enamoured with God alone!

    He truly is enough…

  3. I’m so glad God gave you the “new dream” that He did…I’m not the only one that is better because of it! YOU are a blessing!!!!

    I feel like I’m currently going through this. Many many years ago I had a dream career removed from my life – mostly due to my own sin. It was devestating and I knew then that I was placing too much value in that career but it devestated me the same.

    Today – I am in the process of having a new dream come to fruition and it’s exhilirating – however it’s scary. I am going through the emotions of trying to listen to God’s leading as to whether this new dream career should be just that – a career – or if it should be just a side part-time thing. I’m trying to listen to God…THAT can be challenging because we want to take every “sign” as that being from God…and they might be…but they might not.

    Advice on “how to listen” is always appreciated from you Miss Cindy Beall!! I can’t wait to buy your book!!! 🙂

  4. um, I pretty much could’ve written this. Music was always my dream. I didn’t even realize how much it had become my identity until I was no longer in the spotlight, on the stage. Over the last year or so I’m realizing more and more that it was actually necessary that I find myself outside of music so that God could grow other giftings I didn’t even know I had and birth new dreams in my life. Realizing that my music wasn’t who I was anymore was and is still painful at times, but oh so worth it for the new things that have come since I let it go.

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