A Day To Remember

I’ve never lost a family member at war even though I have many who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military. If you have lost someone who fought for our freedom, I am sorry.  From the bottom of my heart I am sorry.  But I am  also grateful for his or her sacrifice.  It has not gone unnoticed. I have some family members who have either retired or are still serving our country.  I’d like to honor them. *Robert Moehring, Willie Moehring, and Red Moehring – my uncles *Joe Moehring – my father *Bob E. Moehring and Keith Moehring – my cousins *David Moehring – my brother *Zachary Moehring, Joshua Moehring, and Julia Barnes – my second cousins I’d love to honor your family members today.  Feel free to list them in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “A Day To Remember”

  1. Kevin Brungard – my husband
    Bruce Sampson – my father
    Fred Regel and Lou Sampson – my uncles
    And many, many, many precious friends.

    So thankful and remembering all today.

  2. Roger Ewald – my father – who is now at the feet of Jesus. Not as a result of serving our country – but am still at his service.

    Mike Brown – close friend

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