A $3.24 Lunch…On Him

You wouldn’t really call him a big spender. The meal he shared with his wife cost him just over $3.00.  He turned and flashed a joyful smile at us before taking his tray to his wife.  It contained two waters, two dollar-menu burgers and a small order of french fries. I couldn’t help but look over at them frequently during the meal I was having with my sons.  She was a frail woman whose every move seemed to be a struggle.  I could hear him talking loudly to her.  I imagine it was because she couldn’t decipher what he was saying in a normal voice. After they finished their meal, he took her gently by the arm and raised her from the table.  He then moved in beside her, using his equally frail frame to support her as they walked out of the restaurant. For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do them part. I bet they fulfill their vows. Will you?

6 thoughts on “A $3.24 Lunch…On Him”

  1. good example. thought provoking. I appreciate that God has setup a classroom…just about everywhere. Thanks for being observant and sharing.

    as always, you make my coffee taste better in the a.m.

    love to you!

  2. Grrr you. Another tissue. Reminds me of the old country song by Kathy Mattea, “Where You’ve Been”.

    Yes. I plan on forever with one Kris Takle. I really love him.

  3. Love, love seeing older couples love on each other and take care of each other. Life isn’t always easy…but will we stand by our spouses, loving them through it all. That’s my vow…and with God’s grace & mercy…I will fulfill it!!

  4. pregnancy has really shown us “the for worse” side of things. i’m proud to say my hubby is sticking with me. He may see me in a whole new light…but he’s still there 🙂

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