911, What’s Your Emergency?

The day my men and I returned home from a long weekend away, we were greeted at the door by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department. It went a little something like this:
Me: (walking toward the front door) Babe, there’s a police officer at our door? Chris: (thinking to himself) Dang, what did I do? Me: (answering the door) Hello, officer. Officer: Is everything alright ma’am? Me: Yes it is. Why? Officer: We received a 911 distress call from your home.  We tried to call a few times after that but no one answered. Me: (eyes getting wide) Really? (I pause as things start to click in) Seth? (both he and Chris come to the door) Did you call 911? Seth: (bowing his head in fear as he nods his head ‘yes’) Me: (to the officer) I’m sorry. He’s learned about 911 at home and school. Chris: (to Seth) You need to apologize to the officer, Seth. Seth: I saw-wee. Officer: That’s fine but please don’t call 911 unless there is an emergency.
Upon closing the door, we learned that Seth and his older brother, Noah, had an exchange, if you will. Seth clearly got mad and threatened to call 911. Noah didn’t care and said, “Go ahead.” He did. We are pretty sure Seth learned his lesson after spending some time with his Daddy. He will probably never call 911 again…even if someone comes to our door with a loaded semi-automatic gun. To be frank, he may never pick up a phone again. Y’all have yourselves a great day laughing at our expense, mkay?

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