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758 Posts Later

758 is the amount of blog posts I’ve written over the last 3+ years since I started blogging. When I started blogging, it was at it’s peak. I jumped on the bandwagon a little late which is surprising since I love to write. One would think I would have been a pioneer in the blog world because of my passion for writing, but I wasn’t. I joined a great crew of folks already crafting creative and thought-provoking pieces of literature that were typically under 500 words. Over the last year I have wondered if my time of blogging as come to an end. I have wondered that because my own personal blog reading has decreased. Blogs I used to read religiously are now something I catch up on when I have an hour to spare. I’ve also removed some of the more popular blogs from my “must read” lists simply because the voice I often heard from said blog became either abrasive, condescending, self-indulgent or downright boring. Just sayin’. I kinda wonder if my blog has become that way for some people because I don’t have the readership I once had or the number of comments I once received or the content I once produced. I guess I’m just tired. I’m not tired of writing. I love that. I think what I’m tired of is battling this self-imposed feeling that I have to come up with something amazing to keep people reading my blog. Other bloggers are still going strong, producing brilliant material and developing outstanding community amongst their readers. And I’m just not. Maybe that’s okay. Maybe I should just write on when I have something to say that cannot be contained within me. We’ll see, I suppose. Just thinking out loud.

15 thoughts on “758 Posts Later”

  1. I’ve had similar feelings (and, similar statistical changes).
    Also, I’m wanting to take my creativity to places and forums and mediums outside the blog environment… So, well, I’m making a similar change. I’m trimming down to two posts a week. That’s my way of trying to do a bit of what you’re doing. And I posted about it today. Beautiful timing.
    yay us…

  2. PLEASE don’t stop blogging! I love reading your blog and miss you when you haven’t had a chance to post for several days. I love your blog! I have you in my Google Reader to make sure I never miss a post!

  3. Still blogging regularly for work. My personal blog only gets updated when I feel like I have something to say (which would explain why I never post there [laughing]). I used to blog regularly on my media production blog as well… but that’s dropped off for a year or more now. Though, I could see it picking up again with one of the projects I’m working on…

    All that to say: I totally understand the internal pressure to produce incredible content and feeling like I’m not. I agree that the blogosphere is maturing (though, perhaps, getting none the more mature [smile) and therefore is shifting… which is something I’m keeping an eye on. I’d love to continue to hear your thoughts and insights as they come, no matter how infrequently.

    May God give you wisdom and direction!


  4. Things ebb and flow – blogs I ALWAYS read, like you are caught up on when there is time, but there are also new blogs that have caught my attention that I make time to read. As a blogger, there are people that have always commented that maybe comment less, but new peeps find me too…. And I have changed too in what I write some….

    I just am believing until I get a BIG OLE WORD on the matter from Him, I will assume that I am where I am supposed to be, and that those coming and going are all according to His plan. Those that have moved on, I pray they have outgrown me and need more and those that find me I am to help in their beginning steps….

  5. I love it when you just have “something to say.” When you’re just sharing your thoughts. Those are my favorite reads. :>)

  6. While I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has a plan for you – and there is a season for everything, and MAYBE He might be leading you to move on – I pray for selfish reasons that it’s not so. Whether it’s your precious son singing, your 1-word Friday as an offer to pray for so many people, wisdom from experience, or eating cereal for breakfast (and all of the blogs in between), you touch my heart on a regular basis and I know countless other hearts too.

    I pray for wisdom to know when and how God is leading you and wisdom to know when and how the enemy knows you are one blog post away from changing another life. Only God knows – and He will direct you dear friend!!!

  7. Well … as odds would have it … you were post 759 for us today. Weird huh?

    And I for one love your blog. And how can I keep up with the fabulous thoughts of Cindy Beall from way out here in Vegas?! And … while I love your tweets too … I enjoy more than a sentence or two. Just sayin’. πŸ™‚

  8. Take good care of your self…listen. You are a blessing in lots of ways and your blog is one of them. You have learned alot and God is doing an internal work in you thru this too. Keep praying and being honest, He is very present cause He loves you so dang much! =) Be blessed, my friend, really! love!

  9. oh please don’t stop!!! yes… that’s totally selfish, but I need to hear your words, whatever you have to say

  10. I love our blog…please don’t stop writing my friend. You are so real & just make me feel like someone out there gets me. I don’t comment often. But I read daily. I know you didn’t write this so we would all beg you to keep blogging…sorry if I am begging…but I am. πŸ™‚

    I have had the same feelings you do about blogging. Am I doing it for the right reasons…should I just shut it down. And what is weird…just about the time I think I should…someone sends me an email telling me how much they enjoy reading it. Ugh…ok. I still go back & forth.

  11. Cindy, I had to come back here and say that I usually read your posts from my Goggle Reader, which makes it easy not to leave messages. You minister to me in many, many ways! Please don’t stop. I need your council. Thank you for sharing so openly about your life and your marriage.

  12. I know this is an old post, but I’m only now skimming blog posts from the last month…which means the fact that this one “jumped out at me” is somewhat ironic. πŸ™‚

    I think God is working on many of us in regards to our priorities and the time we spend (and waste) doing things He has not called us to do. I have seriously cut back on my blog reading because…well…most of the times I read them, it’s just to “get caught up on the news.” I’m trying to wait and see if He WANTS me to know the news…or if He wants me to go read one specific blog because He has a special word for me there. Just because He has used a blog once to speak to me, does no mean I need to frantically follow every new post, hoping I won’t miss future words from Him. He will lead me and He will guide me regardless.

    You wrote:
    Maybe that’s okay. Maybe I should just write on when I have something to say that cannot be contained within me.

    (((hugs))) yes, it IS okay. That’s what I do. And that’s why my blog is often somewhat sporadic. But I continue to turn over to God, both the posts I write, the comments I receive, and the tiny readership I get. If He leads me to share something, and there’s only one comment…well, is the encouragement it offered that one person not worth the time I spent sharing my heart? And when there’s no comments…well, maybe I just needed to share it. Or maybe it did touch someone who was not comfortable sharing it.

    Even the Internet is in His hands…

  13. You could have less readers because of the layout, and how it’s more work to even get to a post. That’s why I’ve cut back on reading your blog. I hope I’m not sounding negative, because I love what you have to say, I love the redemption in your story, I love your church. Our very first time visiting a LifeChurch, your husband was preaching and you shared via video about forgiveness. The message was on bitterness and it was the summer of 2006. We had just come out of ministry that was very brutal to us, and it was in that message that both my husband and I were able to forgive the leaders who treated us wrong. You and your husband have made an impact on numbers you won’t know this side of heaven. We are now in ministry in Colorado, and there are decisions made for Christ weekly, and if God hadn’t led us to hear your message, and we hadn’t forgiven and let go of the root of bitterness beginning to take root, I hate to think of the people who would have been affected down the line. I didn’t originally plan on sharing all of this, but I do want you to know that the Spirit used you and your husband to have a HUGE impact in my husband and I’s life and ministry. Many blessings to you and your family.

    In Christ,

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