39 Things About Me

I’m 39 today. Nine years past my 30th.  One year away from my 40th. Right. Because you have nothing better to do with your time, here are 39 things you might not know about me: 1.  Was born in a town that I didn’t live in.  That would be Cleburne, Texas. 2.  Learned to water ski when I was 11. 3.  Stood in the top of the St. Louis Arch and looked down.  Scar-ree. 4.  Barely made my way out of Algebra but aced Geometry. 5.  Caught a stingray off the coast of Catalina Island when I was 17. 6.  Taught 3rd and 4th grade for four years. 7.  Have two older brothers. 8.  I have to have my home and auto thermostats set on an even number. 9.  I don’t know how to play poker. 10.  I make my bed everyday but Sunday. 11.  Have had my heart broken more than once. 12.  I wish I could play the fiddle in a country band. 13.  Have 20 nieces and nephews; one is already with Jesus. 14.  I can sing almost any Karen Carpenter song. 15.  I squeeze from the middle of the toothpaste tube.  And I’m okay with that. 16.  I always double check the doors at night to make sure they are locked even when I KNOW I’ve already locked them.  A tad OCD. 17.  I can handle spiders but loathe scorpions. 18.  Was a high jumper in jr. high and high school. 19.  I get along perfectly with my mother-in-law.  Not. Kidding. 20.  I am fashionably challenged. 21.  I beat up John Norris at the bus stop when we were in 4th grade. 22.  I eat cereal for dinner when my husband isn’t home. 23.  Sang tenor in my high school choir when I was a senior because there weren’t enough guys to sing the part. 24.  I can tie a cherry stem in my mouth.  Ahem. 25.  I am a tad bit frightened by indoor swimming pools. 26.  I love country music.  Long live King George. 27.  Have only been in two countries:  The USA and Mexico. 28. I never snuck out of my house.  My dad was 6’5″. Nuff said. 29.  Chris Beall was not the first guy I ever loved. 30.  Chris put a down payment on my engagement ring the day after our 1st date. 31.  The first year of our marriage was miserable.  He agrees 🙂 32.  I love marking things off my to-do list. 33.  I still like to hear “I’m proud of you” from my mom.  Wish I could hear it from my Dad. 34.  I write in my head.  Constantly. 35.  I don’t eat seafood.  Ever.  Because it comes from alligator water.  Exactly. 36.  I do not use fabric softener. 37.  People still like me even though I don’t use fabric softener. 38.  I am a recycling guru. 39.  There are three little boys in my life whom I absolutely adore. And there you have it.  A little bit of me for you. Have a great Cindy Beall birthday day 🙂

20 thoughts on “39 Things About Me”

  1. Happy Birthday Cindy Beall. I just celebrated my 40th a few wks ago and I would have to say…it gets better. so enjoy your 39th and look forward to rest of your sweet life!
    love to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Cindy! The angels danced and sang when you were born! You are a true blessing to SO many people – and I know this without ever having laid eyes on you in person. You have ministered to me in ways I cannot express to you – and I know you have done the same with many many others. I pray that this is your best year yet but not your best to come!!

  3. Happy birthday, Cindy! You are always a day brightener!
    I love your sweet, sweet spirit, and your words are often really funny!

  4. Happy Birthday! I have 4 more weeks of my 39th year.
    I also can tie a cherry stem in a knot. Recently a kind of stuffy friend from church took us out to dinner and my son got the free kids sundae, he passed me the cherry and asked me to show (the friend) how I could tie the stem in a knot. I wanted to crawl under the table! I explained to my son that mommy’s talent was only for at home from now on. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Cindy
    I love your blog you are so real
    Life begins at 40 so get ready!!!!
    God Bless You on your 39th birthday—-

  6. Oops! I should proofread a little better. I mean to say, “Praying for a wonderful, blessed year for you and your sweet fam.” :o)

  7. Hey Cindy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! May God continue to bless you. My birthday is in 2 days, Libra’s are the best!!!!!:)

  8. And, I’ve totally seen the cherry tying trick. IM-PRESS-IVE.

    I beat up a 4th grade boy on the school bus. I was in the second grade. Impressed?

    You were a high jumper? Dang. You rock.

    You really rock.

    I love you, CB.

    Happy Birthday.

  9. Hello Cindy, I was reading your contribution to today’s SF Daily Devotional, and that is how I got here. I know your birthday is a ways back, but this particular entry made me think. I am 61 years old and have covered my share of emotional territory. Unlike you, my marriage died. There was no saving it. I tried everything over its 34 year life and finally I was given permission to leave it. By permission, I mean that God made a way. But that is only part of my “journey,” albeit a substantial portion of it. Your 39 year list has made me think of my 61 year “journey.” I think I will wait until December 7 to make my list, though. At 4:10 A.M. on that day, I will turn 62. Between now and then I will have plenty of time to take a good look at my life. By the way, “Happy Belated Birthday!”

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