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My fabulous hubby and I haven’t been away together without our children since September, 2007. THREE AND A HALF YEARS. We’ve enjoyed time alone together on occasional dates here and there, but a trip alone? Well, not in a while. But I’m happy to announce that 45 days from today will be a different story. We will be flying to spend six days together in Napa Valley and San Francisco. I hear it’s still chilly in March up there. I’m praying for six days of sun and mild temperatures. I. Can. Hardly. Wait. If you are married, what has been your favorite trip you’ve taken with your spouse?

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  1. Hi Cindy! Happy New Year! My favourite holiday with my darling was just last year! We had never been away ALL ALONE for 10 years! Can you beleive it! He is a mad golfer and had won a golf tournament last year, so we got to go away for the whole weekend (BLISS) all expenses paid! We had a ball! We swam, danced ate and just laughed! I told him he has to win the tournament every year now because I want to go away every year just me and him! Have an awesome time away!! xx

  2. so jealous!! excited 4 u guys…jodie and I use to get away to Cancun together every year but now it’s Walmart or Safeway for 2 hours…u know the drill.

    congrats Cindy!

  3. OH so happy for u! I love trips with my man! We have been on a couple of cruises…I love them because u pay for everything before & there is no worries on the $$ part of it. Everyone cooks ur meals…makes ur beds…while you lay around at the pool & sleep. It’s great!!!

  4. I’ve gotten to travel with Terry much more the past few years than ever. The two and a half weeks we spent in Europe this past summer was some of the most positive time we’ve had in a long while. Glorious and I highly recommend going to a place where you are the only two who speak English, Forces all kinds of good discussion.

  5. Excited for you!!
    We get away at least once a year but “placing” four kids may make it tougher now!

  6. Cindy,

    We were in the same boat! Never been anywhere without kids! My husband had to travel for his job to FL for 3 months! Something that would seem like a bad thing turned out to be God’s blessing!

    At the end of the 3 months I got to fly out to Fl and spend our 16yr anniversary on the beach with the love of my life! Then we drove back to Oklahoma together! It was the best time for our marriage and us!

    If he had not been there for work we couldn’t have afforded the trip or even a overnight stay!

    God can give you blessing when you think it is a bad thing!

  7. Oh Cindy, you will LOVE S.F. if you have never been . It was one of my favorite vacation places ever! SOOOOO much to see and do. We were there 5 days and could have easily stayed another week! Everywhere you go, the food is just fantastic, although expensive. It’s so different from what one is use to with the trolley, fog rolling in and out, etc… it’s just beautiful! You will have a blast!

  8. you’re going to be in my neck of the woods! well….that’s like four hours north of me…but in the same state! yes, it’s chilly that time of year and probably kind of windy (and maybe some rain?) but it will be beautiful all the same! favorite trip…hmmm….we haven’t done anything too fancy with just the two of us…for the past couple of years we’ve gone to santa barbara to go to a concert and stay the night.

  9. I will be in Napa on March 11-13 for our church’s marriage retreat. any chance you are at the Napa Marriott??

  10. I am certain one day we will. We have gone overnight but never for a stretch of days with no kids. We have been parents since senior year of HS. Now that we are in our 11th year of marriage (been together 17 yrs total) I am overdue! I don’t know what our relationship would be like without worrying about kids work bills for a week!!! I! Can! Hardly! Wait!

  11. We’ve had three summers to ourselves to enjoy and rediscover each other. Two out of the three have been road trips. There’s just something about getting that road before you, behind you…together. As we passed hundreds of mile markers or drove through unvisited cities to our destination, there’s always a sense of grand accomplishment…like our years together. The road, in all honesty, is never evenly paved-it has mostly been pocked with potholes and revaged by bumps that threaten to force us off the road, but we’ve stayed the course-our committment doesn’t waver. That is how it was (and is) when we drove from Nevada to Chicago last summer and up the California coast to San Francisco the year before.

  12. I came to this site from SF Daily Devotionals, it is my first time here.

    When I read your question it brought to mind a time several years ago when we were in the Virgin Islands. My husband had to go there for work and he kindly asked me if I wanted to go with him. Well, I jumped at the opportunity. Though I am not a sun and sand worshipper, I do love beaches with their beautiful aquamarine colored water, white sand and warm temperatures…a small piece of Heaven on earth for me. We had the most wonderful time together. It is one of the highlights of our lives together.

    By the way we will have been married for 47 years this May and God’s tender mercy and grace to us, as we have weathered stormy seas, brought us through to the safe haven we reside in today. Praise the Lord! I am trusting that we will be able to have 50 years, or more, together, in love with each other and the Lord.

  13. Oh my goodness, have a blast! My favorite trips were pre-kids to Disney and the Bahamas. Post-kids was to Colorado for an intense week of therapy and recovery. Even though it was hard and yucky and painful, it was beautiful and reinvigorating and special. Enjoy!

  14. Well I’ll be praying for 6 beautiful days for you two! Have a great time! We have only been on one trip, our honeymoon 1 1/2 years ago. We went on a road trip to San Antonio and stayed there for 6 days, it was wonderful! Road trips are a true test to see how well a couple can get along and it worked out well for us.
    Enjoy your time together!

  15. I’m kinda late to this, but thought I’d still answer. For our 5th anniversary a little over a year ago, Chris and I went overnight to a local hotel in the Renaissance Center in Detroit. Our room overlooked Canada. We had the best 24 hours away from our 2 kids (our 3rd was born 2 months after this getaway)! We rode the people mover, went to a movie, had a nice dinner, walked around a mall, etc. It was so simple but yet was so perfect. I look back on it with very fond memories. Have fun on your trip!

  16. Yountville, CA – very close to Napa – We live in Pleasanton so it is only a short little drive. We have 2 sons in Jr. High at the moment, my how they grow so quickly! Our church, several years ago, gave us a few nights away – it truly felt like the earth stood still for us to come together. Writing this makes me want to do it all over again. We rented bikes, browsed the gourmet grocery store, bought a few pastries, enjoyed a wonderful brunch the next day. Twalked (walked and talked). I brought several books, he watched some sports – we just did what we enjoy so much together. When we came home, we were so refreshed!

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