Sometime around 8:20 tonight I crossed the 25,000 view mark on my blog. That’s a quarter of a tenth of a million views! That just blesses my pee pickin’ lil heart. My first post on this blog was on October 31, 2007…88 days ago. That may not mean a whole lot to some but for this average student who only made straight A’s in Spanish central Texas girl, that’s pretty cool. Or da bomb. Or sick. Whatever generation you find yourself identifying with. Yes, I’m aware I ended a sentence with a preposition, Mother 🙂 I know how God has wired me. I know that writing is just one avenue that I can use to encourage, build up, challenge and exhort. I hope that by sharing Chris’ and my story as well as posting random entries about motherhood, mentoring, marriage and other miscellaneous things that may have no spiritual significance whatsoever that you have been encouraged…built up…challenged…exhorted.…to walk the walk and fight the good fight. My life is not my own. I learn that more every single day. To offer it back to Christ by using the gifts from His precious Spirit is a no brainer for me. I hope to meet some of you one day…

14 thoughts on “25,000 VIEWS!!!”

  1. Cindy,
    I have enjoyed your blog so very much since you started it up. Thank you for your servant heart of reaching out to so many who need encouragement or a plunk on the head. I love your knack for writing and I look forward to reading your post daily. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

  2. There is no way for me to tell for sure since I don’t use any kind of site meter, but I doubt I’ve had this many in 2 1/2 yrs of blogging!!

    Congrats! That is pretty cool!

  3. Cindy, you encourage, build up, exhort, et.al, but mainly, you crack me up, in a very Christ-like manner, of course. I’m a SS friend of your mother’s and retired English teacher and thus disclaim the errors in the first sentence.

    Keep up your very real ministry to folks of all ages and walks of life.

    LaNell Champion

  4. Congrats! Cindy!

    I’ve been blessed by you and your writing… I’m sorry I won’t see you as often now that you’re headed back to the ED… we should do a girl lunch again soon!

    You’re an amazing lady!

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