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I’m honored to attend and serve at a church that has an internet campus. Recently, I attended this campus and was touched deeply.  The music was inspiring and the message was motivating, but what captured my heart the most was at the end of the experience. When the campus pastor is sharing the gospel message, he asks people to “raise their hands”.  There is a button that people can click on when they have decided to give their lives to Christ. 18 people clicked that button that evening. In less than a 3 minute time frame. Lives changed forever. Eternities sealed. Hope restored. Praise God for the local church. Share something amazing about your local church.

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  1. It’s amazing how much love our little church has for people. Before ministering out of God’s Word Sunday night, I asked for testimonies, and one of the men stood (fairly new family) to thank God for the love he and his family felt when they entered the building.

    One more thing: they persevere when others might possibly have thrown the towel.

    I’m a blessed pastor to have the privilege of leading this little flock.

  2. Cross Timbers Community Church is known for its home-like atmosphere. People who visit for the first time don’t usually feel “judged” or out of place. No one in the whole place has it “all together” so there is no need to pretend.

    Pastor Toby has a special place in my heart too since my son is named after him. 😉

    Oh yeah, there are a few former Life Churchers who came to TX to help CT get off the ground and we pretty much think they ROCK.

  3. Same church you mentioned…on the internet….at the experience I serve at (10am GMT/4amCST), we usually have approx. 75 people with a minimum of 20 countries represented, every week. Praise God for a church that is reaching the nations!!

  4. I love that my church (LC) and many others I come in contact with have figured out that we are on the same team! We are not competing agaist each other. I love it when churches work together for the common goal of bringing others to Christ! And that brought me to the place where I wasn’t hurt or upset that someone else didn’t like my church. Evidently, they are called to be somewhere else, and I’m okay with that – we’re still on the same team.

  5. My family and I call Fuel Church in Poteau, OK, home. We are blessed by unconditional love here. Our pastoral staff is dedicated to transcend cultural barriers to reach those whom some traditional churches wouldn’t touch. We have fuel cells in homes (we’re blessed to host one in our home). These people have become more than fellow church members–we are family. They have dedication to one another that often makes my jaw drop. For instance:
    Over the summer, my sister passed away and I had to travel and leave my husband alone with our kids for a couple of days. One day my husband looked out the window to see someone from church mowing our yard! Praise God for them!

  6. My little church has been mobilizing an army of believer’s to go out and capture more hearts and souls in Jesus’ name. We have captured quite a few. We are growing out of our building. It is a huge blessing!

    I also attend the Internet Campus. It is amazing! I consider this my sister church. As you know it was one of the things that drew me to you and my other OK friends. 🙂 Brandon is a wonderful pastor. His heart for people is evident. Which is so important when it isn’t an actual face to face meeting.

  7. one of the most amazing things about our church is our pastor. just this morning i was reading on twitter that he was speaking at a local kiwanis club in a smalltown area. and i was thinking…sounds so simple, you know? i mean he speaks all over the world and here he is at this local kiwanis club – and he is excited about it. and about a week or 2 ago – i saw him at the altar – spending a long time with this one person. looking them in the eye and praying for them like he had no where else to go. and they were just crying and pouring their life out. For him, its all about the one soul…the one person. Man…i am so incredibly thankful that God has positioned me at this church – under his leadership. it has and is shaping me.

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