17 Years Tomorrow

On this day in 1993, I was attending my wedding rehearsal. Now, this is where we are. IMG_2608 17 years seems like such a long time to me.  I know that to those who are grandparents, it might not be.  But for me, well, I’ve never been married this long before, so it’s long to me. What? There are a lot of things I love about my man.  Good thing for me is that not only do I absolutely love him. I like him. A. Lot. We are so blessed. I thought I would share with you 17 interesting tidbits about us in our 17 years.
1.  Fought like crazy during our 1st year of marriage. 2.  Chris put a down payment on my wedding ring the day after our first date. 3.  We’ve lived in San Marcos, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee and Edmond, Oklahoma. 4.  It took us nearly 4 years to get pregnant with our first child. 5.  We led worship together for the first ten years of being together. 6.  We have built a house together and remodeled a house together. 7.  We almost threw in the towel.  A few times. 8.  Watching college football together is a favorite of ours. 9.  We’ve visited Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Chicago, Destin, Orlando, Boston, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Atlanta and every major city (and many small cities) in Texas, Tennessee and Oklahoma. 10.  We make each other laugh. 11.  We have similar interests. 12.  We’ve held on to each other for dear life. 13.  We’ve been mean to each other and we’ve been kind to each other. 14.  We were called into ministry together in 1995. 15.  Between the two of us, we can fix/repair almost anything. (Except maybe plumbing.) 16.  We love coffee. 17.  We are looking forward to 50 more January 9ths.

24 thoughts on “17 Years Tomorrow”

  1. blessings to you both! two of my very favorite married people! Thanks for loving each other so very much. It does my heart good.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! 1993 was a great year to get married! We got married on June 5, 1993! Enjoy your day…hope you get to our out to dinner or atleast not have to do house work today!

  3. Congrats to you, Cindy, and Chris. Knowing some of your story makes this post mean so much more to me. It’s great to know you and getting to know you. Thank God for putting you in my path!

  4. I willm probably forget tomorrow, so Happy Anniversary. Don’t know why I have such a hard time remembering the date since I WAS there! Enjoy the concert

  5. Happy Anniversary. It is important to not only Love your mate, but to also Like him. I love your list. Congratulations on 17 years, and prayers to you two to not only have 17 more, but the 50 more you mention.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad you “stuck it out” so that it gives me hope!!!! By the way – I think it’s time you visited Iowa! Hint hint!! 🙂

  7. Happy Anniversary and Congrats on 17 years of marriage!!

    Still in my first year of marriage, it gives me hope to know that you fought like crazy too in your first year!! Looking forward to many more years with my husband! 🙂

  8. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow 17 years is amazing, on January 22, my husband and I are going on 7 years of joy, pain, laughter and tears but through all of that we still have each other. Thank you Cindy and Chris.

  9. we will celebrate 17 on nov 6th – wow! To God be the glory for the great things He is doing and going to do – the best is still yet to come! Blessings to you both

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