10K Training Update – Week 7

Redbud Well, I’m sad to tell you that I haven’t run in five days. I was supposed to run 5 miles this past Sunday but could only squeeze out 4. Moderate discomfort (aka “pain”) has plagued my right knee and I’m just not willing to run on my knee when it hurts. (Plus, my husband isn’t a fan of me injuring myself any further. He’d rather me walk when I’m 50 instead of him having to give me a piggy back. How attractive would that be?) The good news is that I feel I am completely ready for the run in 10 days when it comes to my heart and lungs. I have always been able to withstand a lot of cardio work. It’s my joints and lower back that have caused me issues. So the plan is that I will attempt to run again on Sunday…one week away from race day. I will only run as long as there is no pain. Then, I plan to rest my knee again next week and make an attempt to run the entire 6.2 miles on Sunday, April 10th. As you can see, I really want to finish this race. For no other reason than to accomplish my own personal goal. I pray about everything (Philippians 4:6) so I’ve asked God to bring healing so that I can finish what I started. If you come to the race and want to find me, I’ll be the one popping Ibuprofen before the gun goes off 🙂

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  1. I’ve been running away from God for 40 years. I want to run the race towards Him. I envy your desire to finish the race. Whether you do or not, I bet it pleases Abba that desire to please Him.

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