10K Training Update – Week 4

Redbud I can’t believe I am 1/2 way through my training! Yahoo! In about four weeks, I’ll be taking this race on! One of the things that I believe will help me come race day is that I train out where I live. I live quite a ways out of town and there are hills everywhere. In fact, in my neighborhood, I am either running up a hill, down a hill or on an incline. There are a few level places, but I found that when I train on this terrain, it makes it much easier come race day. When I run a hill I don’t slow down on the hill. I have found that if I keep my pace going up the hill and really “press” into the hill, then when I hit the top, I can slow my pace for 50-100 yards to get my breath. What I’ve learned is that whether you go slow up a hill or keep your pace up a hill, you will still slow down when you reach the top. At least that is the way it works for me. If you are training for a race, in my very limited experience, I want to challenge you to run where there are inclines or hills. What’s the terrain like where you run?

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