10K Training Update – Week 3

Redbud I am finishing up week 3 of my training. It’s really getting into my bones. I don’t dread running. (Unless the Oklahoma winds show up and blast me at 30 mph.) (But I still run.) One of the things that I’ve been focusing on is really pressing myself on my weekday runs. I work hard to beat my mile pace and am being successful little step by little step. I can’t tell you how exhilarating it feels to knock off a full minute off my mile pace. Now, I’m finding myself setting goals. These are short runs…anywhere from 2-3 miles. (There was a day when I thought 1 mile was a long run.) If you are a runner, and I still don’t consider myself a runner, have you found yourself getting more and more excited about running races?

2 thoughts on “10K Training Update – Week 3”

  1. hate to break it to ya…but you’re part of the “i am a runner” club now. 🙂 and yes…after a year of running less (i was completely burned out from too many races) i am ready to race again this year. (and uhm…when i say “race” i don’t mean running to win…i mean showing up that morning, and running and making it to the finish line.) i’m so happy that you’re enjoying your training! i love watching people get excited about running. i KNOW running is proof of god’s grace in my life.

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