Just Chill

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there,” said the late Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Vince Lombardi. That’s you, my friend. You’re on top of the mountain now, and you know you didn’t just happen to land there. Now the view from where you stand is priceless. But something is strangely unsettled within you. And I must ask, “Do you get stressed out when life is good?” Do you have this “When will the…

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Encouragement Mentoring

Hearing God’s Voice

When people ask me how I hear God’s voice most powerfully, I tell them through the Bible. For me, it’s not a powerful speaker or song, but God’s Word. More often than not, I get a heavy sigh, an occasional eye roll, and a sense of defeat from those who ask. I hear pained responses such as, “It’s too hard to understand,” or, “I just don’t see how everything applies to my life.” Trust me…

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My Big, Fat Mouth

I was telling something untruthful about my childhood years ago. What I said was actually a complete fabrication. Man, that sounds so much better than saying I lied, doesn’t it? We dress up lying with some fancy, intelligent-sounding words that don’t sound too bad. We’ve all lied and most of us feel guilty when we do. However, we tend to put stipulations upon lying. We won’t lie on our taxes, to our spouse or at…

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