Walk With Me: Update

Walk With Me We are 2 1/2 months into our walking. Time flies, it does. We’ve had many 100+ days where I live so I typically walk in the mornings. Its fresh and crisp and quiet. Love that. Here are my stats for the month of June: Miles walked: 60.57 (2.37 ahead) Minutes walked: 1,211 Calories burned: 6,609 I am ahead of schedule which is just fine with me. In fact, I like to be prepared in case something unexpected comes up. I’d love to hear how you are doing so please share in the comments below!

Walk With Me: Update

Walk With Me I hope you are still walking! I am really enjoying it and have found that it’s becoming quite exhilarating. But I also know that sometimes you can get bored while walking. I often listen to music but have recently begun to listen to the Bible via youversion.com. That has been AWESOME! Not only have I been keeping up with my stats via Runkeeper, I have been measuring myself at the end of each month. I weigh myself and measure by arms, legs, hips and bust. Not that I’m trying to lose weight, but if it comes off, I ain’t gonna try to find it again. As Sandi Patty says, “I didn’t lose the weight because I wanted to find it again. I released it.” Love it. Here are my stats for the month of May: Miles walked:       57.35 Minutes walked:  1,114.62 Calories burned:  5,557 To meet my goal for the month of May, I need to walk 2.79 miles between today and tomorrow. From the month of April, I have 2.61 miles to cover. So, I plan to knock those out this week and get on top of things. I’d love to hear how you are doing so please share in the comments below!

Update: Walk With Me

So, how’s your walking going? Walk With Me (Or running if you are the enthusastic type.) (What?) Tomorrow is the last day in April and my fancy schmancy Excel spreadsheet says that I should have walked 25.22 miles from April 18-April 30. I am sitting at 18.52 miles right now. Between the walking I’ll do today and tomorrow, I have 6.7 miles left to go. It’s not a big deal for me to walk 3 miles a day. I’m a little off because between April 18 and today, I missed 3 full days. But here’s what is kinda cool. Over these 13 days in April, not only have I walked 18.52 miles so far, but I’ve burned 1,883 calories and walked for 321 minutes. Pretty neato mosquito, right? If you chose to join me on this journey, I’d love to see how you are doing so comment below. Even if you are behind on your goal, don’t get discouraged! You can make it up a bit at a time. Consider taking a Saturday or Sunday and going several miles. Happy walking!

I’m A Total Geek (Officially)

What I’m about to do is going to make some of you laugh. At me. Others of you are going to feel right at home. As you know from my recent post, I have a goal to walk 500 miles by December 31, 2011. I am going to share my Walk With Me Excel spreadsheet with you that’d I’ve made. I have only put in the dates through the end of May so technically, I’m not that big of a geek. I’ve also put in formulas so if you aren’t used to Excel, you may want to adjust this or learn formulas. (Formulas in Excel have changed my life.) (Not even kiddin’.) If you are joining me on this exercise journey and would like my geeky spreadsheet to help you keep a record of your progress, please comment below and I’ll send it to you! Because I’m nice like that.

Introducing: Walk With Me

Are you ready to Walk With Me? Walk With Me In case you did not know, I recently ran a 10K in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’m proud of my accomplishment because I never thought I could run 6.2 miles at the age of 40. I enjoyed the months of training. At the same time, it was rather hard on my knees. And since I’d prefer to walk at age 60 than continue to run at age 40, I decided that I was going to just start walking to keep in shape. I like goals. I like lists that list my goals. I like accomplishing goals and then checking them off my list. That is just the way I roll. So, just like I set a goal to run a 5K before I turned 40 and run a 10K while I was 40, I’ve set a goal to walk 500 miles by December 31, 2011. Today is April 18, 2011 and there are exactly 258 days until the end of the year. Which means that I have to walk 1.94 miles each day. Some days I may walk more, some days less. I may walk in the mornings, I may walk in the evenings. Or both. And I’d like for you to Walk With Me. You may not feel that 500 miles is a goal you can accomplish. That is totally okay. Set your own goal. Maybe it’s a mile a day or a mile a week. Maybe it’s more than 500 miles. Whatever you feel is best for you, set that goal. I will be tracking my progress on my phone with Runkeeper. It’s a great app that tracks your distance, elevation, time, calories, average pace and average speed. And it’s free! It will take some effort to keep walking. I know it will. But, I’m determined to keep in shape somehow. Not only that, but what an awesome opportunity to pray as I walk or walk with a friend I need to connect with. So, will you join me? Will you Walk With Me?