Restrictions Bring Comfort

I’d been waiting for yesterday’s appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon for three weeks. I wasn’t expecting to walk again anytime soon but I was hoping, praying that maybe, just maybe I’d be able to take this thing off my foot when I sleep. “You don’t have to sleep in your boot anymore, Cindy,” came his reply. I could have kissed him but that would have been way inappropriate and I would have had to “do some splainin'” to my husband. Relief spilled over me like the falls at Niagara. Finally, I thought, finally I will sleep better. But that was last night and I didn’t really sleep better.  It was a little strange sleeping with my still fractured fibula unprotected. I turned it a couple of times and felt a little pain through the night. I found that I had actually gotten used to the big boot. It’s funny how that works. What restricts you also gives you comfort and support. There are a lot of restrictions in life, aren’t there? But, if you sit and think about it, most restrictions are just to keep you safe.  I’m curious if you have felt the same way before. What have you been restricted from only to find it was protecting you and possibly even giving you healing and life?


What do you see?  Do you see an old Bible that needs to be disposed of? Or do you see a book that has been the anchor to a person’s life for decades? I guess it’s all in the way you see things, huh? That’s perspective. Share with me some perspective that has impacted you recently.

Guilty Pleasures

I have many things that I like that quite frankly, I probably shouldn’t. I mean, for the love, is Modern Family the funniest show you’ve ever seen? And Cam, isn’t he just fantastic? *sigh* I also love to watch Dancing With The Stars. I just do.  Your turn. What is your guilty pleasure(s)?

When My World Stopped

On April 6, 2009, halfway around the world in Coppito, Italy, thousands were devastated by an earthquake.  Their world stood still that day. I cleaned my house. On December 26, 2004, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost when an Indian Ocean Tsunami made its way upon land.  Their world stood still that day. I was at the mall trying to catch some after Christmas deals. On September 11, 2001, several airplanes controlled by lunatics made sure that an airport runway wasn’t their destination.  Instead, they chose buildings in New York City and Washington, D.C., and a Pennsylvania field.  Thousands of lives were forever changed.  Their world stood still that day. I was dropping off my son to Mother’s Day Out and going to a meeting at my church to plan the next several church services. The three aforementioned instances are rather disheartening.  Most of our world knows about these.  And while we were saddened by the news, most of us went about our merry way. Everyday, in the lives of normal people who are not captured on national television, random acts disrupt and devastate plenty.  It could be the loss of a family member or the news that no one wants to hear.  Whatever it is, whether great or small in the eyes of the world, it’s enough to stop your own. Learning that my Daddy had cancer on July 25, 1989.  Hearing the news that my Daddy died on March 21, 1990.  Finding out that my four cousins had died in the Jarrell, Texas tornado on May 27, 1997.  My husband’s confession of infidelity on February 19, 2002. Those were the days my world stood still. Ever had a day where it happened to you?

Grateful Or Entitled?

According to Webster, if you are grateful, you are “appreciative of the benefits received”. The word entitlement means “belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges”. When you receive something, a gift, a compliment, an unexpected visit from a friend, do you find yourself grateful and even a bit undeserving of the love shown to you? Do you thank God for the gift of family and friends? Do you often think you’ve got an amazing life regardless of the circumstances around you? If this describes you, I would say you have a grateful heart. When you do not receive something that someone else has, do you get envious? Do you often utter the words, “I deserve that”? Do you find yourself always wanting, needing more? If you do, chances are, you might have an entitlement attitude. I have been walked in gratitude and entitlement in my life. When I put myself up against the perfect Son of God, I always walk in gratitude. When I measure my life against others and their successes/failures, I tend to walk with an entitled attitude.  Friends, we deserve one thing: Eternal separation from a perfect, holy God. But, if we know Christ and accept His work on the cross, we do not get what we deserve. We get mercy shown to us beyond measure! That fact alone should cause us to walk with a grateful heart. Time to chime in and give me your two cents. I gave you mine! Do you tend to live in gratitude or entitlement?