Life Today With The Robisons

You may remember that Chris and I taped a show with James and Betty Robison on September 13, 2011. Well, the show is set to air TODAY! Check out their website Life Today and then click on “Station Guide” on the right side of the page to find out what channel is airing it in your area. If by chance you missed the show and didn’t get to record it, go to “This Week on Life Today” and you should be able to view it. Have a wonderful day!

Marriage Today Taping!

I first heard Jimmy Evans speak back in 2008. Chris and I were at a conference at Gateway Church and he was one of the speakers. Loved him. LOVED HIM. Pastor Jimmy is the senior pastor/elder of Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, Texas, and has been there since he was 29 years old. Not only that, but he has been married to his wife, Karen, for 39 years. They openly share that they haven’t had a perfect marriage. (Who has?) But, instead of allowing their struggles to victimize them, they have instead shared their journey in many resources and on their TV show called Marriage Today Today, Chris and I have the opportunity to sit down with Jimmy and Karen and share our story. We are so very thrilled that they asked us to be on their show! We aren’t sure when it will air so stay tuned to my “Media/Events” page for updates. Have a great day!   

Life Today Pictures

Chris and I had such a wonderful time when we were at Life Outreach International on Tuesday, September 13th. We taped with James and Betty Robison for their show, Life Today. We were able to have dinner with James, Betty, their producers and the other guests on the show. Loved listening to James’ heart. He and Betty are so incredibly genuine. I wanted more time with them! There were two other guests taping as well. Randy Draper was one and he’s written Happy To Do It. We loved meeting him and his wife, Elizabeth. Such a sweet couple! We also got to meet Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter, Maura. You might recognize her name. She is the daughter of Billy Graham. What an honor and privilege to meet her and share our story with her. She has written Expecting to See Jesus and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. We will each be on our own episode and all three of them will air the week of November 21st. I’ll keep you posted on the exact date. Just so you can see, here are some pictures of our night. A sweet woman in the live audience named Shelley sent them to me.

Life Today Taping!

Chris and I have enjoyed watching James and Betty Robison on Life Today. We just love the interaction they have with their guests and have often thought it would be awesome to sit down and visit with them over coffee. But instead of coffee, we get to have dinner with them tomorrow night before we tape on their show!  I KNOW! Not only that but I was told that we had “make-up” between dinner and the taping. Oh my word, what does that mean? Do I come with my make-up on? Do I leave it off and go au-natural?  If you aren’t familiar with Life Today, I think you’d be blessed to see their shows. My very favorite Bible teacher, Beth Moore, is often taping on it. And I know you won’t be disappointed by that. So check out their website today! I’m not sure when our show will air so stay tuned to the “Media/Events” page on my website for updates. Have a great day!