I Want God

photo 101   That’s it. You wanna see revival across our cities, states, nations, continents, world? Then seek Jesus wholeheartedly. I love my friend, Lisa Whittle. So much. She just wrote a book called I Want God. It’s her 4th book to write so she’s pretty much a big deal. I mean, four books? Holy smokes, that’s a lot of writing. Like, a quarter of a million words AT LEAST. Mercy. What I love about Lisa’s new book, I Want God, is her let’s get back to the basics and love us some Jesus mentality. It’s really so simple, isn’t it? When we want something, we are consumed with it, by it. Why can’t that thing be God? It should be for us who call ourselves Christ Followers. But, if we’re honest, we allow things, good things, not-so-good things to get in the way of an all out pursuit of the One who gave it all. Right? I’m confident Lisa will give you some godly insight and practical tools to help you on your journey. Oh, oh, oh, if you go to Lisa’s website, you can sign up for a 7-day devotional that will help jump start you on this new journey. Click here and scroll down to sign up. I Want God releases in 9 days.  So I want you to go over to Amazon and pre-order this amazing book today. Here’s the cover so you will know for sure. Just click it and you’ll get to the link. iwantgod_cover-e1409421036251 (I’m such a mom, right? Making sure I give you all the information so you get it right.) Alright, friends. Get this book. You won’t be disappointed.  

Book Review: Connecting Church & Home by Dr. Tim Kimmel

I had the opportunity to review a book recently by a well-known author in the church world. The book is called Connecting Church & Home by Dr. Tim Kimmel. His wisdom oozes from the pages. Dr. Kimmel is the founder of Family Matters. They develop resources for families and churches to help them handle and confront the issues that most people face today.  As a pastor’s wife and woman in ministry, I appreciate how Dr. Kimmel helps families understand their role in raising children to know God. Oftentimes, people, even Christians, think it’s the church’s job to do that. While the church is here to assist, they are your kids, my kids and the training is up to us as parents. Thankfully, Dr. Kimmel shares how there can be a partnership. But make no mistake about it, it’s not the church’s job to raise our kids. It’s ours.  One of the things that jumped out at me in this book is the foundation we need to build for our children before we can ever see them truly fly. It looks at little something like this:

Greatness (Aim them at true greatness: Humble, grateful, generous, serving) 

Character (Build character: Faith, integrity, poise, disciplines, endurance, courage) 

Freedoms (Freedom to be different, vulnerable, candid and to make mistakes) 

Inner Needs (Security, significance, strength, love, purpose, hope) 

Dr. Kimmel says that inner need #1 is security. He states that we should instill in our children’s hearts a secure love and that we do this by accepting them the way God made them (body, IQ, mannerisms, etc.), by making sure our homes and churches are loving and honoring environments and by being demonstrative to them and showing affection. I feel that my husband and I have done a great job with this. However, we can’t say that we’ve done enough. Although my teenager would rather me not hug him, I can still provide a level of security with him by accepting him the way he is. My 9-year old, on the other hand, wants my affection. So, the way I parent him is different. He’ll hug me til the day he dies. If I get a hug from my teenager, I will tattoo the date on my arm. Oh, I’m teasing. I’d put it on my forehead. I think you will get so much wisdom, advice and even courage from reading this book. You should also check out the other books Dr. Kimmel has written. You can find them here: Books by Dr. Kimmel. There is also a conference called D6 Family that is held in two different cities this year: Dallas and Louisville. Check it out here: D6 Family Conference.

Stepping Up

About a year ago, my husband, Chris, and I went to Family Life Studios in Little Rock, Arkansas, to do an interview with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine. We had a wonderful time! Wonderful, I tell you. While there, we participated in some videos for an upcoming book that Dennis was VERY excited about called Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood. Here’s the book description:
In Dennis Rainey’s newest book, Stepping Up, he tackles head-on the call to living, breathing manhood, offering a simple yet powerful vision for what it means to be a man who truly conquers and wins. Perfect for men of all ages who aspire to an effective life. Stepping Up is written using biblical insights from truths learned in over 40 years of ministry with men. Included in the book are inspiring stories from both Dennis’ life and the lives of other courageous men. Insights include: Six nonnegotiables for training teenage young men; the temptation men face to step down; three qualities of men who finish well. Stepping Up offers a simple yet powerful vision for what it means to be the men God created them to be.
Friends, I don’t have to tell you that we need men to step up and lead their families spiritually. We do. While there are plenty who are doing it, there are plenty who are not. And who better to help us than Dennis Rainey who has spent his life pouring into his own family but also leading countless others to do the same. Dennis is a spiritual superhero to me and I have gained so much insight from him over the years. I only wish I had gotten to meet his lovely wife while we were there. Next time 🙂 There is also a DVD series and it would be an amazing thing to go through with a small group of men and their sons. For more information about Stepping Up, visit the website: mensteppingup.com. Here is the video segment of Chris and me.

Beyond Ordinary – Justin & Trisha Davis

As a published author, I get the privilege of reviewing books before they are published.  Some of them I truly enjoy, others I do not. But this one. Wow. This one? I absolutely loved. Introducing Beyond Ordinary by Justin and Trisha Davis. Maybe it’s because I personally know Justin and Trisha Davis. Maybe it’s because I happen to be a sucker for a story of redemption. Or maybe it’s because the book is completely amazing, outstanding, fabulous and wonderful. In fact, my endorsement of their book is on the inside cover and it goes a little something like this:
Beyond Ordinary is the best marriage book I’ve ever read! Justin and Trisha not only share their heartbreaking yet redemptive story, but they explain how they landed in an ordinary marriage full of devastation. They share godly wisdom and practical advice that will benefit all marriages. Today, their marriage resume has betrayal listed on it, but you’d never know it. They have leaned into their Heavenly Father and allowed, even begged Him to take their once mediocre, deficient marriage and not only give them a new, improved, extraordinary marriage, but help you have one, too. And you will, if you read this book.
Marriage books are everywhere and people usually try to find them when their marriages are falling apart. Justin and Trisha’s marriage was hanging on by a very torn and tattered thread once. And they don’t want yours to get that way. Ever. So they wrote a book to help. And does it ever. If you are in a good marriage, read this book so that you will keep fighting for a healthy marriage. If your marriage is falling apart, read this book so that you will know you’re not alone and that there is hope. If you are someone whose marriage has ended, read this book so that you’ll be prepared should God bring someone else into your life. Read this book! Trust me, no one is above marriage issues. We all will have them or have had them. You will gain insight, inspiration and hope for your marriage by reading this book. Justin and Trisha do marriage conferences all over the country. They also provide marriage coaching and mentoring. You can check out their ministry at www.refineus.org To order Beyond Ordinary, click HERE


This dude, and his awesome wife, is my friend. Meet Chris Spradlin. He was a campus pastor at LifeChurch.tv for years and now is doing a ministry for parents called EpicParent.tv. Y’all, Sprad, as most of us call him, is off the hook. He’s like the most intentional dad I know. Seriously, I learn something from his blog everyday. Would you like that, too? If so, sign up at his blog for the newsletter. He’s written a free eBook called Sex, Lust and XXX. Now, don’t freak out by the title. It’s very practical for our society. If you don’t think so, friend, you are not in touch with reality. One thing you’ll learn about Sprad is that he isn’t afraid to hit subjects that most are. You can download it here for free! Lastly, I’d like to tell you that Sprad is the real deal. He loves Jesus and loves his family. He is an exceptional person and man of God. And the boy can preach. So, have him come to your next event – you won’t be disappointed. Alright, the pimping is done. (You’re welcome, Sprad.)