Whatever You Do

My eyes welled up with tears when I read Mike’s email. This friend of ours from church took the time several months back to share a “win” with us about our teenage son, Noah. (And mercy, don’t we parents of teenagers need to hear these things? I see that hand.) He recounted his recent experience at Chick-Fil-A, the most blessed of chicken sandwich establishments. As he was waiting in line to place his order, a…

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My Towel

“Hey Cindy, I think this is your towel,” Kim said very nonchalantly to me at our Bible Study meeting a few weeks ago. My eyes merely saw a worn out and stained piece of cloth but my heart immediately transitioned that sight into an emotional moment. A moment from the past. A moment where I was standing in my old kitchen wiping my hands with said towel. A moment where I laid it out on…

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Thinking Out Loud

Swallowing My Pride Doesn’t Taste So Bad These Days

Hope you don’t mind that I just referenced a George Strait song. (Because I love George Strait.) (He’s from Texas. Oh, God bless Texas.) (And Oklahoma.) I like that line in his song Where Have I Been All My Life.  I couldn’t agree with him more. I know that as some people age they have a mindset that says, “Hey, I got this. I know the answers. And don’t expect me to admit my wrongdoing or that…

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Let’s Depopulate Hell

Why do I do what I do? Why do I say what I say? Why do I believe what I believe? I’ve been pondering that for some time now. Some might say that I’m trying to figure out what my life’s purpose is, what I’m meant to do on this earth. Aside from the obvious…being a wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter…there are things that I love to do. That I’m called to do. I’m called…

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