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My New YouVersion Plan Is LIVE!

Praying for our children is instinctual as parents. We are constantly praying for their health, well being and happiness. All of those are great, but let’s go deeper in our prayers for them. As Jesus followers, the Word of God is our foundation for truth and because of that, it makes sense that we should use it as our guide. Join Cindy as she shares prayers with you that she has prayed over her three…

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Book Reviews

It’s Time To Get Battle Ready

When the Enemy Keeps Hitting YouPost written by Kelly Balarie So much has hit me recently. Cancer, leaks, flooded houses, and traumas keep coming. Just as one friend overcomes something, it seems another gets cancer. Just as someone needs prayer, I get hit by a huge personal life-problem. Grr… a rain cloud has set in over my house. And an enemy is on the loose. #It’saBattle He’s ready to attack. Even worse, he is alive and well.…

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What We Did And Learned On Our Sabbatical

Chris and I just finished spending four weeks away from our church. This was our sabbatical – a time where we ceased from doing any work. And work for us is shepherding the people God has placed in our lives. Any situation that occurred at our church was unknown to us. If there was a crisis, someone else took the lead. If there was a pastoral need, someone else had the meeting. If there was…

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What Should Church Be Like?

Every Sunday morning, David leaves his suburban home for a 30-minute trek downtown to pick up John and bring him to church. John sits with his wife, his children, and of course David. And when the service is over, David drives him back home. He does this almost every Sunday. He’s been doing this for fifteen months. People wonder, What should church be like? This, my friends, is what Church should be like. David didn’t…

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Just Chill

“The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there,” said the late Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Vince Lombardi. That’s you, my friend. You’re on top of the mountain now, and you know you didn’t just happen to land there. Now the view from where you stand is priceless. But something is strangely unsettled within you. And I must ask, “Do you get stressed out when life is good?” Do you have this “When will the…

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