I Know What To Do And So Do You


The other day I asked my friends, my girls, my tribe this question: How do I deal with the jealousy that I sometimes have?”

Because these women love Jesus and know the Word of God, they gave me a abundance of answers, suggestions and godly wisdom. I knew they would and it’s the reason I asked them.

I left that cyber conversation that took place on Group Me, and after praying for God to help me, I began to implement what they said. 

But y’all, I already knew what they said. The information they shared was not new information to me. In fact, I’ve given out that wisdom and advice to others many times myself. So, why did I ask? 

Because I was hoping that there was an easy fix to this dilemma I’ve found myself struggling with. I hoped that I wouldn’t have to do the hard work of finding joy in where I am and counting my own blessings instead of looking at the blessings of others. I’ve grown a bit weary battling this lately because it seems to just strangle me at times.

(Yes, I’m a published author and leader in my church, and I still struggle with jealousy sometimes.) 

Don’t we do that often? We are facing an issue, a struggle and we know what the Bible says to do. We know what advice our friends are going to give us. We know the steps we need to take. BUT…we are hoping, just hoping that maybe there is a magic pill we can take that will allow us to sidestep the more challenging path. We hope that someone will say something that will be an “aha!” moment for us and it will all just instantly go away. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it doesn’t. 

So, why do I write about this today? Because my guess is that someone, one of you reading this post is in a place where you feel discouraged, beaten down, frustrated with something that continues to plague you and paralyze you. You may think you don’t know what to do, but my guess is that you do. In fact, here is a way that might help you know whether you really know your next step or not:

Whatever you are facing in your life that you need guidance on, pretend someone just told that to you. What advice would you give them?

And remember this: Above all else, before going to a pastor, instead of spilling your guts to your spouse or best friend, go to your Heavenly Father. He sees, He knows, and He is willing to comfort, guide, protect, and advise you along your path. 

One thought on “I Know What To Do And So Do You

  1. Cindy,
    Wow, I needed this today as I lay in bed recovering from a surgery I had that was unexpected. I feel defeated and defective but I know that’s not the truth. The feelings I have are just information.

    Love you!

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