We Have 5 Winners!

And the winners are to the book giveaway contest are…

Bobby, Stephanie, Meri, Claudia and Courtney! You’ve been sent an email requesting your full name and address. 



One thought on “We Have 5 Winners!

  1. Has everyone claimed their book if not I would love a copy!!! I just finished “Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken” tonight and I loved it. I was the one that had the affair on my husband Dustin. He has stood by me and is willing to work through all this. We have been together for 13 years and married 11 years. If there are any other contest or anything going on please let me know I would love a copy and we are low on funds with all the marriage counseling and psychologists that we are going to at this time to get through this.

    Thank you!
    Sabrina Walker

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