I’m Giving Away 5 Books!

Book Promo - NOWToday is a very special day. A VERY SPECIAL DAY! 

Today, August 1, 2016, is the day that my second book, Rebuilding A Marriage Better Than New, releases. 


And because that is so exciting, I’ve decided to give five (5) free books away to y’all! 


So, in order to have a chance to win a copy, please comment below by answering these questions:

On a scale from 1 to 10, where does your marriage land? Why do you think you would benefit from receiving this book?

You have until 5:00 pm on Friday, August 5th to comment. The 5 winners will be chosen then.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

56 thoughts on “I’m Giving Away 5 Books!

  1. I would give us a 6 some days and an 8 other days. We’re still rebuilding from some extremely painful experiences. Your first book was a huge help to me, and I’d love the chance to read this one too!

  2. My marriage is on an 8. And that’s because of God and your first book! I’ve already got your new book, but I’d love to win one so that I can give it away to a friend who’s marriage I know would greatly benefit from this book.
    Thank you!

  3. Loved your first book! Trusting God for the restoration of my marriage! Thank you for believing in marriage!

  4. I would have to give my marriage a 4 right now. A friend purchased your first book for me 4 years ago after I discovered my husbands infidelity, and after 4 years I still struggle and pray for help. I know the Lord is in control but I also know I need help to get through this difficult time. We have a large family and after 35 years of marriage, it’s just too much to give up and give in to the fear and throw it all away! Would love to get a copy of this book! God bless your ministry! Your first book gave me hope in a very dark unsettling time in my life!

  5. I feel my marriage is probably an 8. I want this book to share with a friend. A friend who is hurting and going through some hard things. She needs love and prayers. <3

  6. Right now, my marriage is a 3. I just finished your first book. I am hopeful and praying for God’s perfect words to intercede in my marriage. I am praying for hope for the hopeless. Through what is the hardest thing I have ever endured in my life (husband infidelity and all that that entails), I can honestly say that Christ has brought a sense of peace, humility, and grace over me that I try to show my husband daily even when Satan says not to.

  7. Some days I would rate us a 6-7. Most days maybe a 2-3. We started out on the wrong footing, and though we’ve sure grown, there’s just those days that I question.

  8. I was desperate to save my marriage back in 2013. I found you and Chris on the internet and watched all of the videos with my husband. We then went out and bought your first book and read it together. We are still healing our marriage and would love to read this book together as well. We no longer function on auto pilot and realize that we must work on our marriage every day. Can’t wait read your book. You and Chris truly inspired us to not give up!

  9. I rate our marriage as a 5 and climbing. We are recent empty Nester’s and our marriage has started to decline but we are working hard to make it work. Any help and guidance would be a plus.

  10. I feel our marriage is about a 7 now after reading many many books including your first book, and going through three years of a Healing Journey class. but I feel I am very stuck and just cannot get over the pain to move to the next level. I need something. your new book sounds like exactly what I need. Thank you for sharing your hope with me.

  11. Our marriage is probably 7-8. I would love to read and pass it to my daughter who could really use this now. Blessings for doing what the Lord has called you to.

  12. Your first book came to me at a very dark time unfortunately. But it was so helpful as I had a very similar situation. I often refer to what I learned throughout that journey in your book.
    Looking forward to this next one as I too chose to stay in my marriage. It is a long difficult journey.

  13. I would say ours is an 8. As a police officer’s wife, I feel like I need all the help I can get. The life can be very rewarding, but it can also be very difficult. I already had unrealistic expectations before, but I think I still do now in different ways. I have already wanted this book, so I hope I can get this free one and save a little on the budget. 🙂

  14. Lately, my marriage is probably a 2 or 3. I’m trying to figure out how to navigate the future after recently finding out about her cheating. There is currently friendship between us, but trying to imagine rebuilding the real thing is incredibly daunting.

  15. I will give my marriage an 8. Four summers ago my husband was in the middle of an 8 month long affair. He left me that December. God worked in miraculous ways and we have restored our marriage. Cindy, your first book was a God send to me. I loyally went to my local Christian bookstore and stared at the shelf of marriage help books and grabbed yours. You knew how I felt and helped me so much. I can’t wait for your new book. My marriage is on track but still needs constant attention or we quickly fall. Trust is still being rebuilt. I need to work on letting go of the past. I still think about the affair everyday. Think about the other woman everyday. The thoughts don’t control me like they used to, but I know in order to really get to where I want my marriage to be I have to let go. Hoping I have a book in my hands soon.

  16. We have been married for 3 years and I think I’d have to give us a 4. I’m unhappy more than I’m happy. My husband was unfaithful in our first year of marriage when I was pregnant with our first baby. I was browsing the Christian bookstore feeling desperate and found your first book. I am craving a lifeline for us that we ca n pull ourselves out of this hole. We’re also in a financial hole so winning a book would be a huge help.

  17. Today I would rate my marriage at about a 6. Old triggers resurfacing and trying to deal with them in a God-honoring way. Your first book was wonderful; I should re-read it to gain encouragement. I look forward to reading your second book. I had hoped by now (15 months later) I would have felt like I was making more progress. I know the enemy wants to keep me down and if he can’t use the affair, he will use other triggers. I know God’s greatest desire is obedience and remaining in my marriage, so in God’s perfect strength I shall persevere.

  18. I would rate my marriage at a 4. On Feb 2, 2016, my husband left me. We were separated for 12 days. He returned on Feb 14. He would give me a true reason why he left, just that he blamed me for how I did not love & respect him. By God’s grace, I was convicted of what I was doing, it was true! During this separation, I discovered my husband of 8+ yrs had been unfaithful for at least 6 years of our marriage. I was in so much pain that I got on my knees & cried out to My Father and immediately reached out to my church family. This has helped tremendously and we are currently in a Marriage Mentor program through our church & professional marriage counseling. Since my husband’s return home, I still can’t trust him. He is still wavering back to some bad choices. I have listed to your story over and over again on many different platforms and it is 95% of exactly what I am going through. I know your book will give me the continued faith, hope and encouragement that I need to move forward and to fully forgive my husband.

  19. I’d give our marriage a 7. Two years ago, we were probably at a 2…I’d asked for a divorce and he was unwilling/unable to admit his addictions and demons. We have two children and had been married for 13 years.

    I read as many books as I could get my hands on during this process to try and heal my heart towards him. For the hurt I felt, the resentment I carried, and the trust I couldn’t give. And then about a year ago I read “Healing your marriage when Trust is broken”. I read the entire book in two days. I sobbed the entire time and actually felt myself go backwards in my healing for a few weeks. At first I was angry…until I realized that the message I read from the book was forcing me to truly look at our marriage and really work on it. The hard way…not the “I need going to move on” way. I needed to learn, understand, cope, and live the healing in order for us to truly survive in a healthy and lasting way.

    We still have our bad days and our problems are not gone…but we are working together instead of against each other to get through them.

    We recently celebrated 15 years of marriage, lead a weekly small group for our church, and are in the process of starting a marriage ministry program. We have been healed and shown each other grace and forgiveness.

    I have been impatiently waiting for today for this next book…I feel like I am ready to start the next chapter. We know what true forgiveness and grace looks like. Now we need to live fully and show God’s mercy to others like us. We have lived this life for a reason, and we truly believe He will use us for His good.

    Receiving a copy of this book will allow me the gift of sharing with another wife who may need the message. There are so many of us…we need to help and support each other and lead by example the way God wants marriage to be.

  20. We would rate it a 7 as we are celebrating 2 years in and many years to come. However we moved across the country to live in OKC and have now faced many unforeseen struggles that we are taking in stride. Marriage on the rock, 7 steps to a happier marriage, and Prepare to Last helped to supplement our faithful foundation to start our marriage. Now we would benefit from outside perspectives and new points of view!

  21. I need a new book to throw! Yes I’m that broken hearted wife who emailed you about my frustrations. You gave the best council pray pray pray… so I have been. I haven’t thrown a book in a month!

  22. Right now my marriage is probably a 4. We have had some trying times. After reading your first book it went to an 8. We need a little help again and I’m sure this book will help tremendously. Please pick me!!

  23. I would say my marriage is at a 6 right now. We are both involved in ministry at our church and sometimes that overshadows our focus on our marriage. We both are very strong willed and opinionated and don’t always hear what each other are saying and/or always voice our opinion in the most loving way. We need to reconnect as husband and wife.

  24. I would rate us a 3 right now. I have already failed at one marriage. And now I am failing miserably again. I don’t know why this popped up in my newsfeed today. I’ve never read or searched for any books like this before, and honestly this is the first time I’ve heard of Cindy Beall. So I’m going to say this is more than coincidence and will definitely be reading this book!

  25. I would say that my marriage is a 7 currently. It might be higher but we’re going through a challenging move and we’re struggling with extreme behavior issues with our daughter. We’re beat but so thankful to the Lord for His daily mercies.

  26. My husband and I have spent about half of our 2 1/2 years married in a separation. We have wen back together for the last 7 months and our marriage can always use strengthening. We’ve done well but can always grow. I guess I could rate our marriage as a 6. This time last year we were apart and our marriage as broken as they come. I would love to win this book to help strengthen us even more as we work towards that 10

  27. 1. He moved out, saying no reconcilliation, no counceling. I’m working on healing myself, because that’s all I can do today. And love my kids!

  28. Loved your last book and can’t wait to read this one! Thank you for your honesty!

  29. I would say a 5-6. We are in a rut. We do not make time for each other and that needs to change. I believe this book would help to get back to putting my marriage first.

  30. I think our marriage is a 7 or 8 most of the time. We are nearing retirement age and are empty nesters, so we are getting to know each other again and putting each other before other things.

  31. I rate an 8 on our marriage. After 2o years we have experienced the best of times and the worst of times, but currently our number has been fluctuating. We need the intention to improve things so I think this book would be good.

  32. My marriage is at a 6 right now. It’s good but has room to grow. It has been damaged in the past that we worked through but the scars remain. We are busy with our careers and raising to small children and we often put those things before us. Would be nice to get some ideas on how to repair what might still be broken and strengthen what we have so that we can be the type of married people that others look up to.

  33. We spoke nearly 2 years ago as I was in a very similar situation as you were at one time. Your words of wisdom, book, and prayers were invaluable to me in a time that very little made sense to me. I would rate our marriage a 7 at this point. Though we have both made strides in repairing our marriage, we still have healing and growing to go. I’m looking forward to reading your new book!! Thank you for pouring your heart out to all of us.

  34. I am not sure what I rate our marraige right now. It’s a day to day balance. We are still in a bit of a storm. 4 months in now. Glad to say no longer in crisis mode but still a long way to go. I have read Cindy’s first book and it was an AMAZING source of help during a very difficult time. To anyone who has not read it, I highly recommend it. There are so many on here with difficulties in their marraige, it makes me sad. God is at work that I know!

  35. We fluctuate from day to day. 6 months ago his truth of infidelity was finally out on the table and then he hits me with a deeper darker truth and it was game changer for me. He had been sexuly abused as a very young child for 6years. I wrapped my arms around him and forgave him. We have been focusing on his healing while back at the ranch, I have nobody to talk to. No ministry at my church for this sort of thing. Several family members are made at me for staying. I have leaned on God first and foremost for my healing process but feel sometimes I need direction or someone to tell me I am not loosing my mind.

  36. I would say a 5 right now. We are trying to custody of his 12 year old daughter. I was a single mom & my kids are all grown. We are struggling with learning to co-parent together on top of dealing with the legal drama.

  37. Mine is at 4 right now… Praying for some in site and guidance as of how to get thru this stump..

  38. Right now my marriage fluctuates from a 4-8, i know that is a large gap, but there are good and bad days… Still trying to repair after discovering years of infidelity a little over 2 years ago… I see lots of strides by my husband who actively works on his issues by attending a men’s group… He is committed on repairing us and I see it in his everyday actions….I know it’s on my end now due to anger and laking trusting. You 1st book was so helpful, now I need to work on build new. I think your second book will focus more on the area I’m struggling with now

  39. I would rate my marriage , maybe 2 out of 10 . My husband would say higher . I am Christian , he is not . We have 4 daughters . And we disagree on almos everything . I know it’s mostly me , i want something I can’t have , or can’t do , his salvation . But I can and am getting in Gods way .i get mad at my husband a lot , for not “getting it” Instead of being content and having a relationship with God despite my circumstances , I wallow in it , get discouraged , depressed , I am just plain unhappy . I can be ok for a bit , then , nothing changes so I go back to daydreamer about this perfect Christian marriage that doesn’t exist . I don’t know if your book can help me , I don’t know if God can help me , I don’t know if anything can.

  40. My marriage is a 7. I look over every week as I am worshiping the Lord with you and marvel at God’s goodness. He saved my marriage 6 years ago and has truly opened my eyes on how to love unconditionally so that I can feel loved unconditionally. I would absolutely love to read your new book as my husband and I are now marriage mentors with our church. I want to grow in God’s wisdom and I know he is using you as a tool! God bless you for being vulnerable and open and willing. And for listening to His calling and allowing Him to work in you and through you! Blessings!

  41. I am divorced.. Marriage ended after 16 hears together..
    Infidelity into a 12 year relationship that was abusive, controlling and unhealthy which led up infidelity.. Feeling hopeless regarding future relationships.
    Would like to read the book to gain knowledge about where to start on those healing areas I have related to brokenness. Thank you for your time and energy.


  42. I’d give us a 7. Your first book came along at the perfect time as our marriage was in crisis and we were separated. It is truly a miracle that we are not divorced. We have healed much but there’s still a long way to go five years later in fully reestablishing emotional intimacy. I believe that one of the obstacles is that my husband struggles to forgive himself and make peace with himself and with God. Praying on… I am thankful that God has taken us this far and trust Him for more for our marriage still. I know He’s not done His work in me, in my husband and in our marriage and family yet. Can’t wait to read your new book to perhaps help in the continued healing.

  43. My marriage is maybe a 7-good, but could definitely use some tools & guidelines to make it better. We go to eat sometimes and all we can talk about is kids and surface stuff. We avoid the tough conversations so we don’t end up arguing about something. We are about to celebrate our 11th year together and I’d like to grow closer, not further apart. Thank you for writing this book!

  44. 8-9 but I have a friend who has a struggling marriage and we are going to study this book together.

  45. I would benefit from this book probably on a 9. My husband and I have gone through some really rough times and we are trying to rebuild the marriage that we used to have and to also build a more godly marriage. We could use the help and inspiration.

  46. I would rate my marriage on a 5. My husband and I started pastoring 1 year ago and it’s been rough in the middle of turbulence in our marriage. We need to rebuild. We love each other but seem to be getting caught in the past. Then there are so many couples at our church going through difficult things and we need a refuge for them. We need new life for them!!! I’m sure this book would be a blessing.

  47. Sadly, I give my marriage a 2….two very wounded souls longing for healing! Three years of living hell after the discovery of my Husband’s sexual addiction/multiple affairs. He’s accepted Christ and is a completely new person but we both have deep wounds and injuries from his addiction that our marriage suffes from each and everyday. We are seeking God in the midst of our pain and desperation. We are trusting in His promises. You and Chris give us great hope. Thank you for your ministry!

  48. Oh how the marital pendulum doth swing…between 5 and 6. And sometimes it peaks higher, rarely lower–thanks to your first book, Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken.
    Still learning to let go of the past and invite God’s healing into those wounded areas. The timing of the release of your new book couldn’t be better. I’m expectant, hopeful, and just plain tickled that you’ve once again blazed a trail for others to follow in Rebuilding A Marriage Better Than New!!!

  49. I would say we are currently at a “5”. I lost my mother after a long and painful illness and my husband switched jobs int he middle of it all. He is working 70+ hours a week and commutes 2.5 hrs a day. We need to rekindle the intimacy and trust again as well as learn to communicate better. I can see through my grief, I have misplaced my pain and have placed blame on him for not being here and he needs to find a better balance on work and home. This book could be wonderful tool to help put a healing balm on our marriage and open doors to have the marriage God intends for us. Thanks!

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