Let’s Stay In Touch!

So, these days blogging isn’t the most effective way to communicate with you, my blog visitors. (Hello to the seven of you who still swing by.) I know I don’t write on this blog very often but I do update through various other avenues using Social Media. I thought I would encourage you to keep up with me there.¬†

I will still write occasionally, but most of my input, advice, encouragement and update will be via these avenues:

Instagram: @cindybeallIG

Pinterest: Cindy BeallPinterest Snapchat: @cindybeallSCFacebook: Cindy Beall (author page)FB

Twitter: @cindybeallTwitterI am also still heavily involved on the Leading and Loving It team for pastors’ wives and women in ministry. You can keep up with my goings on here:


2 thoughts on “Let’s Stay In Touch!

  1. I just saw abut your book on instagram I cannot wait to read it. I’m so proud of you from where you were in life to how many people your Story has touched including my own life.
    I’m writing my memoirs so that others who have experienced things like I have can have hope in their lives and know that there is indeed a God who loves and cares for us so much.

  2. C u bdy…excited to hear about book #2! I am so thankful for the encouragement you gave me in Nashville this year. I got that book out and an working on #2! Thanks so much and I will keep you (and your book) in my prayers. Looking forward to seeing you in October.

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